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Below you can find details of the latest guest speaker talks and events planned at East Boldre Village Hall. This historic building was built in 1917/18 as part of the Royal Flying Corps training airfield during WW1. It has a stunning stage, large hall, and various rooms including displays about the local airfields.


RAF Needs Oar Point: A Story Rarely Told

(This is a repeat date in Dibden Purlieu)

Due to demand, we have managed to find a venue at short notice to repeat the RAF Needs Oar Point talk. It will be on a Saturday and not at our usual venue, but instead held at St. Andrew’s Centre in Dibden Purlieu, details on the post below. Tickets on sale and limited in number.

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The Logistical Lead-Up to D-Day

This event has now sold out. If you wish to be on a standby list in case of cancellations, please send us an email.

Much has been written about D-Day and the Normandy campaign, but how the troops and their equipment were marshalled, protected, fed, supplied, trained, hidden, armed, mended, and more, has not been well documented. Since “Tactics is the art of the logistically possible”, this seems an omission.

Chris Barrington Brown is building a website to explain the buildup, and enable users to see what happened in their area. After trawling through hundreds of files from UK, US and Canadian archives he has brought together a collection of maps, diagrams, photographs and reports which tell that story. You can find the work-in-progress at

Chris spent 12 years in the Regular Gunners and 33 in the Reserves. He is a proud computer geek, occasional orienteer, and amateur map-maker and historian. He retired from his defence and counter-terrorism software business last year and has embarked on a (perhaps 10-year) project to document and explain the logistic build-up to D-Day.

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Previous Events & Talks

  • 16 February: Needs Oar Point: A Story Rarely Told (Marc Heighway)
  • 19 January: My Flying Boat War (Richard Hodgkinson)
  • 15 December: History of RAF Beaulieu (Marc Heighway)
  • 17 November: The Jutland Survivor in Portsmouth Harbour (Stephen Fisher)
  • 20 October: History of RAF Beaulieu (Marc Heighway)
  • 15 September: Remember the Regulars (Chris Kolonko-Weet)
  • 16 June: An Evening on the Home Front (Dale Johnson, Marc Heighway, Pete Harrod, & John Wareham)
  • 19 May: Building Spitfires Without a Factory (Alan Matlock)
  • 21 April: Southampton: From Blitz to D-Day (Jake Simpkin)
  • 17 March: Calshot: The RNAS Years (Colin van Geffen)
  • 17 February: The Lumberjills: Britain’s Forgotten Army (Joanna Foat)
  • 20 January: Special Operations Executive & The Beaulieu Finishing School (Nick Saunders)
  • 14 October: The Road to Victory: Preparing for D-Day on the South Coast (Stephen Fisher)
  • 2 to the 5 of June: RAF Beaulieu History Exhibition over 3 days