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Below you can find details of the latest guest speaker talks and events planned at East Boldre Village Hall. This historic building was built in 1917/18 as part of the Royal Flying Corps training airfield during WW1. It has a stunning stage, large hall, and various rooms including displays about the local airfields.

friday 21 APRIL 2023

Jake Simpkin: “Southampton: From Blitz to D-Day”


Jake Simpkinā€™s illustrated talk is a tribute to the courage of Southampton people during WW2. Southampton was raided 57 times by the Luftwaffe and the attacks culminated in three major raids at the end of November 1940. It was Southampton’s darkest hour. But from early 1943 there followed the gradual build up to D-Day and Operation Overlord, with Southampton people playing an important role.

Doors will open at 1900 and the speaker will start at 1915

FRIDAY 19 MAY 2023

Alan Matlock: “Building Spitfires Without a Factory”

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Alan Matlock of The Spitfire Makers Charitable Trust tells the story of how the Supermarine Spitfire factory in Woolston was destroyed by the Luftwaffe, and how more than 30 secret sites in Southampton, and also some in The New Forest, were then used to continue the development of the iconic aircraft.

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Previous Events & Talks

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