Hampshire Air Crashes

A list of air accident, aircraft incidents, and plane crashes in Hampshire from 1908 to 2012.

Hampshire Aircraft Accidents, Crashes, & Incidents

Like many people interested in aviation history, I found the list of air crashes that had been compiled by the late Dave Fagan on the Hampshire Airfields website which was a fantastic resource. The Hampshire Airfields website is no longer online, so I decided to re-publish the list of Hampshire plane crashes and accidents that Dave had fantastically researched. I have also continued to add to it and make corrections and amends where needed. When he was alive he had offered it as a download to his website visitors, so I can only assume he would be happy for his work to still be available to people so researchers can continue to look up crashes in Hampshire, including sites of WW2 air crashes. A list of the abbreviations being used can be found at the bottom of the page. 

Please note that this listing of aircraft crashes in Hampshire has been compiled from many sources both official and amateur. Notably, much information has come from CAA sources, and many of the aviation enthusiasts magazines including Air Britain, LAAS, British Aviation Review, Air Pictorial, and Flypast. As may be expected, there can be conflicting information, in particular regarding WW2 air crashes in Hampshire. 

The Hampshire list includes aircraft which crashed in the area around Bournemouth and Christchurch during the early 20th century through to the Second World War and up until the 1970s. After this the county boundary changed and those towns became part of Dorset. Crash lists for Dorset and The Isle of Wight are also available.

If you have any corrections, additions, or comments and stories about these incidents, please do get in touch.

16-10-08British Army Aeroplane 1,Piloted by S F Cody made first powered aircraft  flight on Farnborough Common – 27 second flight ended in crash- aircraft rebuilt .
22-01-09The British Army Aeroplane 1B,cr on landing Farnborough Common. Pilot , Mr S F Cody uninjured.a/c rebuilt.
21-11-09“Biplane” constructed by Lts Cochrane and Stocks cr on take off at Gorport. no casualties.
11-07-10Short Biplane ( Cecil Grace) cr at Southbourne.pilot uninjured.
12-07-10Short-Wright Biplane piloted by the Hon.Charles Stewart Rolls,cr at Southbourne.Pilot killed.
15-07-10Farman aircraft cr at Southbourne, Pilot J Chistiaens injured.
07-01-11Henri Farman aircraft of the Army, cr Laffans Plane only days after delivery. Pilot Capt Burke  OK.
04-05-11Lebaudy Airship crashed Farnborough.
18-08-11SE.1   cr  Farnborough .pilot (Lt T.Ridge) killed,
07-01-12Bleriot machine, ditched in Solent .Pilot F B Fowler rescued.
11-07-12Farman Hydro-Aeroplane,damaged landing Bournemouth , capsized .no casualties – Repaired back in use within 10 days.
06-09-12Avro 500 e/r Upavon to Farnborough cr Bagsbury Farm, Weyhill. Pilot Captain R C W Alston OK.
07-10-12204BE4    Cr farnborough.No casualties
11-01-13302Maurice Farman Longhorn, dbf after engine fire,Farnborough.no casualties
07-03-13202Breguet L1 , cr Farnborough ,Pilot Albert Richet.
15-04-13Bristol Hydro-Aeroplane. Capsized on landing on Solent.Pilot H Busteed OK.
28-04-13Cody Biplane,cr landing Farnborough,Pilot Lieut.L.C.Rogers-Harrison killed.
24-05-13212Breguet L2 cr Tweseldown Racecourse,Pilot Georges Collardeau, passenger Chief Inspector at the Aircraft Factory Mr Ellerton injured. Cause – engine failure .(Info from Paul McMillan )
07-08-13S Cody and passenger W H B Evans  killed when his Waterplane cr  on Cove Common after structural failure
??-??-13287Graham White VIII ,cr Farnborough(Date probably between April and October)
22-11-13Bleriot XI-2, Henri Salmet ,Blinded by sun during landing at Tuckton (between Bournemouth and Christchurch), ran in to a tree. Salmet suffered a cut. Passenger Hartton Turner unhurt.
12-5-14324 & 325Sopwiths  collided when 2nd Lieutenant Wilson in plane 325 descended to land unaware that 324 was beneath him. Both planes crashed on the nearby Aldershot Golf Course 10th Green. Wilson lived but both occupants of 234 died, Captain Ernest Vincent Anderson and Air Mechanic Henry Wilfred Carter.
04-06-14128Wight Pusher ,cr into Southampton Water.Lt T S Creswell & Cdr A Rice killed
21-07-14Farman,5 Sq RFC, cr at Fort Grange(Gosport) after rudder fault.Lt L C Horden killed. Pilot Lt I C Hordern killed , Observer  Sgt Campbell injured.
05-11-14601Be-2c  RFC cr Laffans Plain killing pilot(Edward T Busk)
??-01-15201BE.1 cr Farnborough
26-04-15RNAS aircraft cr at Calshot .Flt SubLt  S Mendicott & Air-Mech H Hughes killed
02-05-15unknown aircraft of 13Sq cr Gosport, Pilot William Thomas James McCudden killed.
24-08-15“seaplane” cr in water nr Calshot,Pilot Sub Lt J MacLarty died later.
14-10-15Unknown type piloted by 2nd  Lieut T N B Newton of the Berkshire Reg. attached to the RFC Farnborough. Crashed at Weeke Down after take-off. dived into ground from 400 ft . Pilot ” badly shaken,(may have been 7th Oct).
??-02-16Unknown a/c cr Aldershot Pilot injured, Observer(Lt J Reed) killed
07-04-16Be.2C  cr at   Charter ,Alley, Monk Sherborne, Hampshire.
22-04-16“biplane” e/r Bournemouth to Beaulieu at Talbot Village. Pilot Lt E W Reddeck RFC killed
18-05-16Unknown type Biplane,RFC, cr near Gosport,Lts Selwyn & Bateman of RFC killed
21-06-16Avro 521 cr at Gosport. Capt.Garnett killed.
20-07-16“Seaplane” hit ships mast in Solent – cr on deck ,both occupants  killed.
13-08-16Unknown type.Cr in Aldershot/Farnborough area.Sub-Lt Pearman killed
12-09-16Unknown type,cr in Farnborough area, 2 Killed-G Railton(Pilot)& F Williams
27-12-16Unknown type , dived into ground Fort Rowner,Pilot(Lt W F Rogers) killed
25-01-17Unknown Type  cr at Farnborough(spun in) ,Pilot (Lt P Evans ) killed .
28-01-17A4562SE5A, Wing  broke in mid air – cr Farnborough.Maj.F Godden  killed
30-01-17Unknown type, Failed to clear trees on t/o Farnborough.Air-Mech B Hodgson killed.
12-03-17A5496Curtiss JN-3 failed to recover from a steep bank and spinning nose dive from a height of 800 feet at RFC East Boldre. 2nd Lt Ernest Hinchcliffe Wadsworth killed. (read more)
26-03-17Unknown Biplane,cr in snow blizzard Court Moor,Church Crookham(nr Aldershot). 2nd Lt.Leack killed
??-??-172110BE.2c  cr at “Tinsleys” East Boldre
11-07-17Unknown a/c cr killing FtCdr Van-Goethem and 2Lt Tatham. Inquest was at Brockenhurst(16th July)- seems likely a/c was 16(Training )Squadron from East Boldre
08-09-17BE.2e cr nr Beaulieu
14-09-17Sopwith Baby Seaplane,crashed into radio masts on Horsea Island in heavy mist, Pilot Flt Cdr E A de.l.Ville  survived.
07-02-18Unknown type cr Bashley (New Milton) Pilot 2Lt W R Sanborn killed
24-02-18Unknown type cr at East Tytherley possibly at King Johns Pond,Pilot  was american, Lieut. Lunnin ,Killed
02-03-18B3157Avro 504J cr Gosport
09-03-186152Be2E  Cr Headbourne Worthy ,Pilot Harold Percy Dawson, aged 27 killed when “mainplane collapsed”.
17-03-18C3238BE12 105 Sqn cr at Ramridge Farm (n of Andover).Pilot (Second Lieutenant Walter George Cottrell Jones) killed
22-07-18Bristol Fighter,cr Christchurch Rd Bournemouth.
19-08-18A4205R.E.8,cr Farnborough Capt O. Horsely; Capt H.A. Renwick killed
21-04-19C8096    Sopwith Dolphin,11 TDS,cr at Beaulieu(East Boldre airfield)killing pilot Lt.C.R.Tolley
30-04-19Avro534  cr Hamble on first flight
01-05-19C6054(G-EAAA)DH-9,cr Portsdown Hills e/r Croydon to Bournemouth
04-07-19A3538RE8 U/c collapsed landing Beaulieu
04-07-19B1946Jenny U/c collapsed landing Beaulieu
14-07-19E3621Avro504K. mid air collision over Farnborough with D7014
14-07-19D7014SE. 5A see above
15-08-19G-EAEEChannel Mk1  written off Bournemouth
29-08-19G-EALGAvro 539a ,accident at Hamble
10-09-19G-EALPSea Lion cr in sea  off Bournemouth
03-10-19F8619Vimy,accident Farnborough
15-10-19J3872Sopwith Dragon accident Farnborough
??-11-19G-EACWAvro504K cr in sea Southsea
20-11-19E3269Avro504K accident Farnborough.
13-01-20G-EACQAvro 534  written off Hamble.later rebuilt as G-AUCQ
16-01-20F8857Avro504K accident Laffans Plain
17-03-20C1063SE5A accident Laffans Plain
26-03-20N6757Sopwith Camel ,accident at Fort Grange(Gosport)
23-04-20E3800Avro 504K,Special Experimental Flt Gosport.cr in sea off Gilkicker Point
23-04-20J572DH9A  accident on ground Gosport(serial unconfirmed)
27-07-20N7152Sopwith Cuckoo  cr in Solent
07-08-20G-EARZAvro504K  accident at Bournemouth
27-08-20D7021Se5a ,accident at Farnborough
06-09-20F4820Bristol Fighter,accident at Andover.
17-12-20H3539DH9A ,accident at Alton(cr?)
11-01-21J2415Nighthawk .accident at Farnborough(or 13-05-21)
22-02-21J6580     BATBantam,accident at Farnborough
24-02-21F8751Avro504K, accident at Farnborough.
13-05-21J2415    NIghthawk ,accident at Farnborough(see 11-01-21)
20-05-21N7433Parnell Panther, cr at Ft Rowner/Gosport
25-05-21G-EAWZ    Bristol,Fighter accident at Hamble
06-06-21J6854Short Silver Streak    accident Farnborough
15-07-21G-EAXMAvro 539B Racer  written off Hamble.
16-07-21G-EAOEAvro 504K   Written off Farnborough.
20-07-21F4666Bristol Fighter   Accident at Andover
26-07-21J6608Bristol Fighter   Accident at Farnborough.
29-08-21H4318    Austin Greyhound.Accident at Farnborough
13-10-21E6201   Snipe ,ground accident at  Andover
06-09-22G-EAXLAvro534C, cr Southampton Water
21-08-23G-EAIRAvro 504K cr Hayling Island
04-03-25J7364Grebe I,32Sq,Kenley , crashed into a hut at Locks Heath School, Warsash, Southampton killing a 12 year-old student.The pilot was F/O Alexander H Montgomery.
02-10-25“Helicopter” crash Farnborough after attempted takeoff
19-06-26J8068Cierva C.6C cr Hamble
16-12-26Brisfit ,4Sqn cr Aldershot
04-06-27G-EBPGDH60.cr Worthy Down
04-06-27G-EBLIDH37A cr Ensbury Park Racecourse aerodrome.
06-06-27G-EBPWWestland Widgeon cr Ensbury Park Racecourse aerodrome.
06-06-27G-EBKDBlackburn Bluebird cr Ensbury Park Racecourse aerodrome.
12-03-28N221Supermarine S5 cr on Solent off Calshot.Flt Lt S.M. Kinkead, RAF High Speed Flight P  killed
11-08-29G-AAFLDH60 cr off Bournemouth
26-08-29J7940Goldfinch     accident at Farnborough
11-09-29F4944Bristol Fighter ,accident at Farnborough
03-11-29G-EBLWDH60   Cr Shirley(?)
14-11-29J9118DH60 ,cr at Andover ,24 Sq.
22-11-29J9176Sidestrand,accident at Gosport
18-02-30J7420Virginia,accident at Worthy Down
14-03-30N9694Dart,accident at Andover
17-03-30J8768Avro504N mid air collision with N9540 at Gosport
17-03-30N9540Dart,see above.
17-03-30J7519Grebe     accident at Farnborough
24-03-30J7709Virginia  accident at Worthy Down
26-03-30G-AAMESpartan ,accident at Hamble
27-03-30G-AAFRSpartan written off Hamble
24-04-30G-AAFLDH60G ditched off Bournemouth
15-05-30G-EBOHDH60. cr at Ewshott, Hants
??-06-30J8930Cierva C.8L Mk I cr Andover
30-08-30J9525AW Atlas accident at Odiham
17-09-30J9881Siskin ,accident at Farnborough
30-09-30J2405Nighthawk,accident at Farnborough
30-09-30J7560Vickers Viginia,accident Worthy Down
25-10-30K1696Cierva C19,accident at Farnborough
10-11-30G-EBTGDH60 accident at Cosham
11-11-30J8006Hawker Hursley,accident Gosport
12-12-30J8428Siskin ,accident at Farnborough
19-01-31J8241Virginia ,accident at Worthy Down.3 killed
27-01-31N9456Fairey IIID   accident at Lee-on-Solent
27-02-31J8844Siskin,cr at Plant Farm nr Waterlooville, near Portsmouth. Picture from Evening News via  Paul McMllan. Pilot was Flying-Officer Edward Lugard BRACKENBURY.
12-03-31S1122Southampton ,accident Calshot
13-03-31J9498Wapiti ,accident Farnborough
08-04-31S1557Blackburn Ripon,cr in sea off Lee-on-Solent
04-05-31J8932Horsley accident at Fasrnborough
06-05-31J8660Siskin ,mid air collision with J8961
06-05-31J8961Siskin ,see above
27-05-31J7502Gorcock ,accident Farnborough
02-06-31N248SupermarineS-6A cr in sea off Calshot
08-06-31G-ABHTSiskin III   written off at Sarisbury Green
15-06-31J9995AW Atlas  ,accident Farnborough
23-06-31S1038Southampton ,cr off Calshot
03-07-31N248S-6A  accident Southampton Water (see above 02-06-31)
20-07-31J8787AW Atlas ,accident Farnborough
19-10-31J7563Virginia,accident at Worthy Down
14-05-32G-EBRYDH60G cr Wainsford House Pennngton.Pilot injured.
04-12-32G-AAYSDH60X crashed Southampton Water,F/O Eric D Bishop & P/O Richard J Berens killed.
??=??-32O-1V204 Vildebeeste,  cr Farnborough.Class “B” marks.
07-03-33G-AACMDH60G cr South Farnborough
24-05-34K2533AW Atlas,cr nr Andover , both crew( FO G.E.S. Williams and Cpl R F. Brown) killed
04-06-34G-ACRYAvro Cadet 1,cr in Solent
19-06-34G-ACEXFox Moth damaged Fcd ldg Ashley (Lymington), repaired
30-06-34Avro504k cr near Farnborough,pilot killed (possibly G-EBIS?)
01-07-34G-ACRSAvro 504N    cr Cove
21-07-34G-EBQPDH53, cr Hamble-unlicenced pilot.
12-08-34G-ACJMDH84 cr landing at Hamble
09-09-34G-AARSDH.9J, cr at Hamble
10-09-34G-ACUHAvro Cadet 1,cr Southampton.
??-10-34G-AARSDH9J cr nr Hamble
07-11-34G-AAAGDH60X cr off Spithead.John Cash & Keith Randall killed
28-03-35G-ABIYDH80A cr Portsmouth
04-07-35Westland Wessex, Christchurch based, crashed in sea off Needles.
23-08-35Nimrod RAF,801SQ, cr Christchurch Bay .Pilot, Sgt G E Mould missing.
09-10-35G-ACDXSpartan Cruiser II,Spartan Airlines ,cr Gosport due to engine failure
06-02-36G-ADTMAvro Cadet II ,cr at West End,Southampton
26-03-36G-ACAPDH84   cr Lyndhurst
31-03-36G-AAWSDH.60G Crashed and w/off Nursling 31.3.36; pupil Clive Nuttall killed.
02-05-36G-AAJADH60G   Crashed whilst low flying Fairfield Nurseries Gosport.
??-05-36G-ACVHAS Envoy forced landing in Langstone Harbour.
20-08-36G-ACVEAS Courier cr on take off Portsmouth ,Crashed on take-off Portsmouth 20.8.36; stolen by two Airspeed employees Joseph A Smith/Arthur C Gargett for flight to Spanish Republicans [Gargett died 4.9.36; Smith given 4 mths gaol, later extended following Gargett’s death].
15-10-36G-AAKNDH60G Crashed Langstone Harbour
12-01-37K4332Osprey .801SQ.taxi accident Gosport
15-01-37K4632Nimrod , cr landed Gosport.
02-02-37K5651Osprey  taxi accident Gosport.
07-02-37K4351Shark 1 , Ditched off Eastney Hants
23-02-37K5632Shark cr near Lee-on-Solent.
23-02-37K4359Shark 1,  DBR Forced landing  nr Gosport at night
25-03-37S1712Vildebeest 1,TDV, overshot   & cr at Gosport
08-04-37K5958Swordfish  cr landed at Gosport
15-04-37K5962Swordfish cr landed at Gosport
30-04-37S1615Nimrod collided with S1631 & K4625  all cr at Droxford
30-04-37S1631Nimrod ,see above.
30-04-37K4625Nimrod see above
06-05-37K5995Swordfish ,cr landing at Gosport
16-05-37S1691Osprey cr landing Gosport
11-06-37K5983Swordfish ,cr landing at Gosport
14-06-37K5966Swordfish written off in cr landing Gosport
14-06-37K5927Swordfish  cr landing Gosport
15-06-37K5942Swordfish   cr landing Gosport
17-06-37K8511SharkIII A Flt LoS,B/u in dive  cr in sea nr Portsmouth.
25-06-37K5614Shark,cr on slipway Lee-on-solent
29-06-37G-AADBDH60 cr nr Eastleigh
13-07-37K8456Shark cr landing Lee-on -Solent
17-08-37S1682Osprey cr landing at Gosport
25-08-37K6532Hawker Hart,collision with L2740 Swordfish – at Gosport
31-08-37G-EBLVDH.60,fcd ldg nr Christchurch and badly damaged
14-09-37K5974Swordfish cr landing Gosport
13-11-37K2840Nimrod cr landing at Eastliegh
??-12-37G-EBVHShort Calcutta  ,damaged and w/o  during a gale in Solent
24-01-38L8901Miles Magister ,cr Calshot.
25-01-38L6895Miles Magister ,cr Hamble.
16-03-38K4415Hawker Hart collision(on ground ?)  with Avro Cadet G-ACCN( at Hamble?)
16-03-38L6906Miles Magister,cr Southampton Water
04-05-38K9702Hector 1  53Sq , U/shot at Odiham, u/c collapsed
07-05-38L5972Miles Magister, Cr at Hamble
13-06-38L6894Miles Magister,cr at Bursledon.
19-06-38G-AFCWS30 Empire.dbf Hythe.
02-08-38K7413Hawker Audax ,cr at Lymington.
15-09-38K8877Swordfish float plane,Calshot STS, cr into fishing boat CS31 on Solent.  2 o/b boat killed
16-09-38K3489Heyford 1  stalled on App Farnborough, damaged
08-12-38L2383Shark III 2AACU , hit tree on app Lee-on-Solent
02-01-39G-ABSHDH60G Crashed Langstone Harbour
24-01-39K5526Hawker Hind,cr Hamble
07-02-39L2384Shark III 2AACU,  engine  failed  and ditched off Eastney – sank.
03-03-39K8491SharkIII  StnFlt Gosport. Engine  failed- ditched Stokes Bay
21-03-39S1682Osprey 1 ,StnFlt Gosport , cr on t/o  Gosport .
24-03-39G-EBUSDH.60X Grnd collision at Portsmouth with G-AEUJ, Repaired
15-06-39K7406Hawker Audax  Badly damaged in taxying accident at Hamble.
19-06-39G-AFCWShort Empire,Imperial AW . dbf Southampton Water
27-06-39K9739Hector 1 , hit building  and cr landed Andover
14-08-39L2342Shark III 2AACU, Engine failed – ditched in Stokes bay – overturned
04-09-39K5054Spitfire .cr at Farnborough Flt Lt Gilbert S. White (RAE TP) died later of injuries.
04-09-39K8704Anson 1 .48SQ,cr Thorney Creek
14-09-39K3618Osprey .758SQ,cr North Stoneham ,Eastliegh
17-10-39L2977Skua 1 ,2AACU,U/c collapsed  Gosport Airfield.
11-11-39L8662Blenheim 1,AAEE,cr Petersfield area.Forced landing
18-11-39K5978Swordfish 1 ,TTU, cr Bishops Waltham Area.
20-11-39K8898Blackburn Shark III,2AACU Gosport,engine failed on t/o Hurst Castle,cr in sea
20-11-39G-AFFMAirspeed Oxford written off Gosport- hit barrage Ballooon
28-11-39K5877Hart, 7FTS,cr Alton area.Forced landing
29-11-39P2456Magister 1,CF Andover ,cr 4 miles S of Andover Flew into ground .
30-11-39L2981Skua 1,2AACU ,cr Fareham creek.dived into ground.
01-12-39L8781Blenheim IV ( based Andover) cr Andover airfield   
04-12-39K8856Singapore III,FBTS, cr landing off  Hillhead area
05-12-39L4751Lysander II,225SQ, cr 2.5 miles S of Odiham  ,Forced landing
12-12-39K8556Walrus 1.754SQ,cr Lances Hill,Southampton ,2 killed.Hit barrage balloon.
12-12-39L1531Blenheim I,22Sq,cr landing  Thorney Island  
17-12-39G-ADTU     Avro Cadet,accident at Hamble
22-12-39L1531Blenheim 1,22Sq,cr Thorney Island airfield,bellylanding 
30-12-39BV984     Accident at Odiham
01-01-40K8486Shark II,755Sq, cr Andover.
05-01-40Skua 1, cr Fordingbridge.
08-01-40L4447Beaufort 1,22Sq, cr t/o  Thorney Island 
11-01-40G-ADAU     Avro Cadet ,Accident at Odiham
17-01-40N1291Lysander II,(based Andover) cr Hurstbourne Tarrant
19-01-40L3060Roc 1,RAE,belly landing  Farnborough airfield
24-01-40Botha, cr in sea Spithead
05-02-40K8934Shark III , Ditched of Hillhead  and overturned
12-02-40K8501Shark III,755Sq, cr Grove Farm,Medstead.(or Grosvenor Farm  Alton?)
15-02-40K9731Hector I,613Sq, t/o accident Odiham airfield
23-02-40K5806Hart Tr.1 FTS, cr Lower Clatford.Andover.
24-02-40l6111Botha.RAF/TDU Gosport.cr Stokes baywhile practicing torpedo drops.no cas.
25-02-40L3070ROC,759SQ, cr 2 miles W of Botley. 1 killed.
06-03-40L3006Skua,RAE,landing accident Farnborough airfield
08-03-40L4475Beaufort I,22 SQ,stalled & cr in sea off Hayling Island.
11-03-40K9396Battle 1 ,52Sq, cr nr Andover.
12-03-40L7652Swordfish.TTU,Forced Landing,  Crashed at Stem Lane, New Milton.
12-03-40P6008Proctor 1a,759Sq,cr Stanmore Lane ,Winchester.
16-03-40L9385Blenheim IV, Delivery Flight,Cr Overton
23-03-40P4293Hampden I,AAEE,cr Andover Airfield 
28-03-40G-ADTG     Avro Cadet,ground accident at Hamble
??-04-40G-ADTK Avro Cadet,accident at Hamble
10-04-40X5010BK Swallow,cr at Cove(near Farnborough)
15-04-40L4791Lysander II,613Sq,cr South Wanborough.
22-04-40L3044Skua, 759Sq,t/o accident Eastliegh airfield
29-04-40L7589Cierva Rota 2,RAE,accident Odiham airfield
03-05-40L9297Blenheim IV,2SAC,cr nr Andover,possible engine failure,4 crew killed. Pilot Officer Reginald John Carter 78271 Pilot AC2 Christopher Arthur Wadman 630909 A/Sgt john Miller Longley 581463 AC1 W K Lambert 358419 Wop/AG
10-05-40L4387Blenheim I,2SAC, t/o accident Andover Airfield
20-05-40P5890Harvard I,15 FTS, spun in cr Farley Mount
20-05-40P8437Blenheim IV 248SQ ,Midair with L9455,cr in sea nr Thorney Is.
20-05-40L9455Blenheim IV – see above
30-05-40N7706Master I,15 FTS,cr Fishers Pond, Winchester
31-05-40L1296Blenheim I,2 SAC, T/o Accident Andover airfield
31-05-40P6174Proctor 1,cr at Odiham.
08-06-40G-AEIRAvro Cadet, written off Hamble.
09-06-40N3910Magister ,2 SAC,cr 3 miles W of Andover.
20-06-40L1334Blenheim I,236Sq,cr Middle Wallop airfield.
20-06-40N1292Lysander II,26Sq,cr Odiham
06-07-40N3555Blenheim IV,2SAC,cr 2 miles W of Andover
10-07-40G-ACNEAvro Cadet,AST, written off at Hamble.
12-07-40G1+FAHe-111 ,KG55, ,shot down by 43 Sq,cr at Hipley.
12-07-40N2703Hurricane I,145SQ, Engine failed – forced landing-cr NW of Ringwood
13-07-40K9869Spitfire.3FPP,cr in Hamble area
15-07-40P3517Hurricane I,145SQ, cr Wickham.
15-07-40L9171Blenheim IV  cr  fcd ldg  Great Raveley Hants
18-07-40N3566Blenheim IV,2SAC,T/o accident Andover airfield
18-07-40JU 88 Crashed in sea off Hengistbury Head
23-07-40L3129Roc I,2AACU,accident Gosport airfield
23-07-40R3659Blenheim IV,59SQ, cr Thorney Island airfield
30-07-40unidentified Luftwaffe a/c cr Woolston.
??-07-40G-AFNYDH94 Destroyed Lee on Solent
01-08-40K6408Vickers  Vildebeest  cr in Solent off Ryde Pier Plt Off A. Bailey, TP; AC2 Budd, Photographer killed
04-08-40L8794Blenheim IV,53SQ,cr Broxhead Common,Borden
05-08-40P5044Whitley V  .77Sq,hit Barrage Balloon 1m SE Eastleigh.
06-08-40L4853Blenheim IV.2SAC,cr 1 mile W of Andover
08-08-40L1082Spitfire I 609sq Middle Wallop,forced landing Christchurch
10-08-40R6979Spitfire I  609 Sq ,landing accident Hamble.
10-08-40Hurricane 145SQ,forced landing at CHRISTCHURCH after damaged  by Luftwaffe aircraft.
11-08-40P2918Hurricane  145Sq damaged in combat,cr at Walkford
12-08-40 P3776     Hurricane 257Sq.FO Coke. shot down nr Portsmouth .
12-08-40 P3662   e ,257Sq,PO Chomley,shot down nr Portsmouth
12-08-40 9K+CL     Ju88 A-1 ,Stab/KG51,shot down and cr in Solent
12-08-409K+ELJu88 A-1,3/KG51,Shot down atHorse pasture Farm, Westbourne.
12-08-409K+FSJu88 A-1,3/KG51, shot down Portsmouth Dockyard
12-08-40P9333Spitfire 1,266 Sq,shot down off Portsmouth.Pilot D G Ashton
12-08-40 9K+BS/4078  Ju88 A-1,8/KG51,shot down by AA fire cr in Portsmouth Harbour
13-08-40Bf109 shot down-cr in sea 2 mile west of Bournemouth 1150am
13-08-40Bf110c,I/ZG 2 shot down ,N Baddesley
13-08-40P6113Proctor 1a,758SQ,cr nr Winchester,pilot killed.
14-08-40R6692Spitfire  I  ,609 Sq destroyed by enemy bombs at Middle Wallop.
14-08-40P9322Spitfire I,as above.
14-08-40R6977/PR-NSpitfire I ,as above.
14-08-40N3024Spitfire 1 Shot down over Bournemouth
14-08-40P3310Hurricane ,151 Sq.shot down by Do-17 and cr in Christchurch bay  0700am , Pilot Sgt George Atkinsonrescued unhurt
14-08-402898/G1+AAHE-111P  shot down by a/c from Middle Wallop , Cr at East Dean at 1700 hrs.
14-08-40JU-88A-1 ,1/LG1 shot down by  a/c from 609 Sq Middle Wallop , cr  Turf Hill nr Hale. Middle Wallop  3 killed
14-08-40Amiot 354, Free French AF,cr on T/o just S of Odiham airfield.
15-08-40L1+BMJu88,4/LG1  shot down by 601Sq, forced landing nr Twyford
15-08-40L1+SCJu88 A-1,StabII/LG1,shot down by 601SQ,crashlanded at The Jumps,West Tisted
15-08-40R6922Spitfire 1  609 Sq damaged by bombs at Middle Wallop.
15-08-40P9363Spitfire 1 ,234Sq,Shot down-cr Twyford.
15-08-40Spitfire crash landed Christchurch airfield. Pilot OK.
15-08-40Bf-110 shot down by 609 Sq a/c, cr Slackstead  northwest of Southampton.
15-08-40Bf110 shot down by609 SQ a/c cr Black Hill,West Wellow, 15 .2 crew killed
15-08-40Bf-110C ,shot down at 1750hrs  by 609 Sq a/c cr Broadlands,Romsey
15-08-40 P5044     Whitley V  .Hit Barrage Ballooon cable and cr  in Allington Lane,nr Eastleigh. 5 crew killed.77Sq
15-08-40 T9320       Hudson 1.1 OTU,Hit barrage balloon cable and cr  Nutbeam Rd Eastleigh. 9 crew + 2 on ground killed.1 OTU
15-08-40R6988Spitfire 234 SQ.S/dn & crashed Leven Ave.Bournemouth.P.O.Cecil Hight killed when parachute failed to open.
15-08-40L8776Blenheim 1 604Sq. dest in air raid Middle Wallop
15-08-40P3232Hurricane I, 601Sq,Abandoned over Durley,Pilot landed Lower Upham.a/c cr(where?)
15-08-40L6610Blenheim 1.604SQ cr Middle Wallop airfield
16-08-40L1065/PR-ESpitfire 1, damaged in taxi accident at Middle Wallop.609 Sq.
16-08-40K9997Spitfire 1 ,damaged in above accident.(609 Sq.
16-08-40P3576Hurricane 1,249SQ, cr Rownhams School
16-08-40P3616Hurricane 1,249Sq, shot down over Southampton ,pilot killed crash at Toothill Romsey.
16-08-40Hurricane cr Emsworth.(Unconfirmed V7369- possibly F/Lt James Nicholson of 249 Sqd – shot down by Me110)
16-08-40 P3173       Hurricane ,1Sq PO Elkington,s/d by Portsmouth AA,cr  nr Thorney Island
16-08-40V7369Hurricane 1,247 Sq,Pilot baled out naer Southampton,a/c cr(where??)
16-08-40AX641DH86 Damaged in air raid Lee on Solent
16-08-40W9374Percival Q6,  as above
16-08-40G-AFNYDH94 ,  as above
16-08-40R6967Spitfire 1,234 Sq,Pilot baled out near Southampton,a/c crm Southwick/Widley. Pilot  K S Dewhurst.
16-08-40L1736Hurricane I,43Sq, cr nr Portsmouth.
16-08-40R6768Spitfire I 266SQ,S/dn & cr Eastry Court.
17-08-40N3540Blenheim 1V,235SQ,overshot and cr at Thorney Island
17-08-40L4833Blenheim I,235SQ, cr in sea on approach Thorney Island
18-08-40R6699Spitfire 1 609 sq  damaged in taxi accident with Blenheim of 604 Sq. MIDDLE WALLOP.
18-08-40P3310Hurricane 1 ,151 Sq,cr in Christchurch bay area
19-08-40L1008/PR-KSpitfire 1 609 Sq,forced landing at Worthy down- overshot- damaged.
21-08-40JU 88 of 1/.KG54 shot down and cr  near Kings Somborne at opposite cemetary. Shot down by S/Ldr Bob Doe of 234sqdn, Middle Wallop at about 14.15 hrs.
22-08-40P6330Waco ZVN,RAE accident Farnborough airfield
23-08-40T9280Hudson I,1 OTU,u/c collapsed accident Worthy Down airfield
25-08-40two  Bf-110 shot down cr in sea Portsmouth area
25-08-40L6681Blenheim ,604SQ, cr Odiham area.
26-08-40 L8870     Blenheim IV.101 Sq .Hit Barrage balloon cable and cr 1 mile SE  Eastleigh at Oaklands House,Allington Lane.2 killed.
26-08-40P2878Hurricane 1,615SQ, abandoned, ce Warrendown, Forest Side.
26-08-40Bf 109E,2/JG2  Shot down Blendworth
26-08-40Bf 109E,1/JG53 Shot down nr Portsmouth
29-08-403438 /1G+ELHe111 1/.KG27,shot down & cr  at Downton, Hale
29-08-40P6001Proctor 1,755Sq, accident Worthy Down.
29-08-40L3122Roc I, Roc Flt,accident Odiham airfield.
30-08-40L1096Spitfire 1 damaged in collision with trolley AC  at Middle Wallop.(609Sq)
31-08-40L3115Roc I,759Sq,cr at Crawley nr Worthy Down.2 killed
??-08-40JU 88 shot down ,cr Kings Somborne
02-09-40R6769/PR-DSpitfire 1 609SQ.hit Bofors  on landing at Middle Wallop.written off.
04-09-40L9022Blenheim IV,2SAC,cr half mile N of Andover
06-09-40Hurricane ,303 SQ,SL Krasnodebski,s/d by Bf109 over Farnborough.Pilot baled out
06-09-40L4908Blenheim I,604Sq ,cr Foxcott,Andover
08-09-40L1111Blenheim I,600Sq,cr nr Odiham
09-09-40P2765Hurricane 1,605 Sq,shot down over Farnborough.cr at Straits, Kingsley.
09-09-40L2057Hurricane 1,605 Sq,Shot down and cr near Alton.
09-09-40L2059Hurricane 1 ,605SQ,mid air collision with HE111 over Farnborough. crashed Farnborough.pilot killed
09-09-402630/A1+ZDHe111 H-2,StabIII/KG53,mid air collision with 605Sq Hurricane, cr Southfield Farm, Chawton
09-09-406139Me109 ,8/JG53 shot down – cr Sundown Farm, Ditcham, Hants
10-09-40K7073Blenheim I, 2SAC, cr 2 miles S of Andover.
11-09-40P3618Hurricane 1 ,238 Sq,Forced landing New Arlesford,a/c recovered to Middle Wallop
15-09-40K9997Spitfire 1 609 SQ.hit vehicle while landing at Middle Wallop and crashed.see 16/8/40 above)
16-09-40R6922Spitfire 1 609 SQ,Wheels-up landing at Hamble.
19-09-40L2984Skua I 2AACU flew into gnd Worthy Down
24-09-40P9436Spitfire shot down over Portsmouth.
25-09-40T1796Blenheim IV,13 OTU,cr 1 mile N of Edwards Hill,Litchfield.
25-09-40L8369Blenheim I,cr Broughton ,nr Stockbridge, 2 killed
25-09-40L8793Blenheim IV,59Sq, cr Thorney Island airfield.
25-09-40P9463Spitfire 1 ,152 Sq Shot down off Portsmouth.Pilot W G Silver.
25-09-402803/G1+BHHe-111P,7./KG55  shot down by Spitfires of 609Sq ,cr 1209pm Westminster Rd  Branksome Pk. Pilot was Obltn Hans Brucker – 4 killed – 1 wounded
25-09-40L8369Blenheim I,stalled and cr at Stourbridge while on approach Middle Wallop.3 killed
26-09-40V6745Hurricane I,229Sq,Shot down cr Hambledon
26-09-40P3544/RF-HHurricane, 303 Sq, 1 forced landing Wyton Farm,Fareham(repaired and RTS)
26-09-40Bf-109  shot down over Southampton  at 1630 hrs by 609 S a/c.
26-09-40Bf-109 shot down by 609 Sq a/c over Southampton(different from above).
26-09-405314/GL+BLHe-111H ,2/KG55,s/d nr Southampton by Hurricane of 229Sq,4 killed
26-09-40P3098Spitfire 1,238 Sq,shot down over Solent.
27-09-40Bf-110  shot down over Bournemouth by 609 SQ a/c
27-09-40Bf-110 shot down over Bournemouth by 609 Sq a/.c( different from above).
28-09-40Hurricane 238 Sq cr on take off Andover,A:I169
28-09-40V6776Hurricane 1,pilot baled out over Fareham,a/c cr (where ??)
30-09-40P2866Hurricane 1,shot down,cr landing Bournemouth area(where??)
30-09-40P3655Hurricane shot down over Bournemouth 1130am pilot wounded.
30-09-40Spitfire forced landing Parley Common.
07-10-40R6607Spitfire 152 Sq,forced landing Sutton Scotney
08-10-40G1+M5Bf110D 6/KG55.shot dn by AA, cr Stansted House,nr Rowlands Castle, Hants.** see below**
08-10-44G1+MS/1715Heinkel He 111P-2  Stanstead Park, Rowlands Castle, 5 crew killed **Is this same aircraft as above?**
08-10-40L1281Blenheim I 604Sq,overshot & cr Middle Wallop
09-10-40N3530Blenheim IVF,235 Sq s/d & cr in sea  S of Thorney Is .3 KIA
14-10-400720 /12+Bf 109 E7 7./JG2  cr Sway after combat
14-10-40Z5741Blenheim IV 253 Sq collision at Thorney Island
15-10-40V7337Hurricane 1,145Sq ,pilot baled out over Christchurch,a/c cr Mead End, Sway.
15-10-403279/10+Bf-109E-1   4/Jg2 Shot down Lymington 1245 hrs,cr at Everton.
15-10-401588/Bf 109 E-4  I/JG2 Believed shot down in Christchurch Bay
15-10-44V6544Hurricane 1,213SQ, Forced landing Marchwood – repaired
21-10-408116/9K+BHJU-88A-5  1/KG51  Shot down at Blackbush Milford on Sea by 609 Sq a/c ,crew killed.
27-10-40P9503Spitfire 1 609SQ,Shot down by JU88 ,cr at Upavon.
29-10-403657Bf109E-4  III/JG2 believed shot down Christchurch Bay
29-10-40N3535Blenheim IV,2SAC Cr on app Andover
01-11-40V7221Hurricane 1,213Sq shot down cr SE  Frith Farm Wickham – pilot OK
06-11-40V6814Hurricane 1 238 Sq,Shot downby Me 190,cr near Whitedell Farm,Fareham.pilot killed
06-11-40V7602/AK-DHurricane,213Sq, s/down  and cr Pigeon House Lane Portsdown.Pilot H Adair  killed
07-11-40L3127Roc I 2AACU,Belly landing Lee on Solent
14-11-40P3618Hurricane 1,238 Sq ,cr landing Stockbridge ,engine failure,(see 11-09-40)
15-11-40Me109. Shot down and crashed at Milford-on-sea
20-11-40T2321Blenheim IV 2SAC cr 3m W of Thruxton
21-11-40L2385SharkIII 2AACU Stalled on T/O  Lee-on-Solent
24-11-403092/G1+KNHe-111H-4,s/d and cr south of St Catherines Pt.IOW.1 killed,4 missing
28-11-40P4321Hampden,49 Sqdn.Force landed after getting lost on ops over Germany. Crew thought  they were in Holland.Out of fuel. Carpeted for not destroying their aircraft!
01-12-40German a/c shot down in sea off Hengistbury Head.
01-12-40N3537Blenheim IV 59SQ  cr on overshoot Thorney Island
02-12-40Me-110,shot down by Spitfires of 609 Sq,cr on beach  at Thorney Island
03-12-40K5802Hart 9FTS flew into gnd Oakley Wood.
06-12-40V5420Blenheim IV,53SQ,cr on overshoot Thorney Island
12-12-40V7510Hurricane 56Sq,mid air collision with P3870,cr near Middle Wallop
12-12-40P3870Hurricane,mid air with V7510,cr landing Middle Wallop
24-12-40AR737Maryland 1,OADF cr Leigh Park, Portsmouth after t/o from Thornrey Island
28-12-40L9043Blenheim IV cr on t/o Thorney Is.
28-12-40Handley Page bomber(?) took of at Hamble cr into Shell Mex plant.
30-12-40BV984Piper J4a    accident at Odiham
03-01-41L3083Roc I 2AACU ,Belly landing Gosport
10-01-41V6927Hurricane,32 Sq ,damaged landing Middle Wallop
14-01-41BK 579Mohawk ,2FPP, abandonded over Basigstoke
16-01-41P2984/GZ-HHurricane 1,32Sq,s/d & cr at Hayling Island.Pilot Jan Falkowski baled out.OK.
17-01-41L5974Magister 1,F-BFTS, Flew into gnd  Upton Grey
19-01-411H+FTHe111H,III/KG26,cr Allington Manor farm ,Allington Lane Eastleigh. 5 crew believed killed.
04-02-41Z5765Blenheim IV,53Sq cr at Thorney Island.
06-02-41R2054Beaufighter I,604Sq,cr 1m NE Middle Wallop.
20-02-41L9937Beaufort I,TDU, cr Gosport.
21-02-41Hurricane ,32 Sq,cr half mile SW of Ibsley
21-02-41V6988Hurricane 32Sq(IBSLEY)crashed St Clement Rd ,Bournemouth after “Victory roll”pilot killed.
26-02-41N3571Blenheim,2SAC, crashed at Red House Farm, Hetherden, Andover,
05-03-41R9060Lysander III,26Sq, hit Barrage balloon.5 m N of Eastleigh Station.
09-03-41V7501Hurricane I, 32Sq  Stalled and spun in Blashford Farm, Ibsley – pilot killed
13-03-41Aircraft believed German crashed in sea between Mudeford Quay and Needles.
13-03-41L9296Blenheim V,2SAC cr  4m W of Andover.
13-03-41G1+MRHe 111P,7/KG55 shot down Wood Farm Bramdean.
26-03-41Z2458Hurricane 238 Sq cr at Avington,nr Winchester caused by instrument failure.
28-03-41L8600Blenheim I,2SAC, cr on app Weyhill station.
31-03-41N9912Anson 1,25OTU ,wr Whitwell Moor ,nr Stockbridge.
03-04-41L3149Roc I,2AACU,Undershot and cr Thorney Island.
04-04-414224/V4+AR  Ju-88A-5,s/d and cr s of Needles IOW.4 missing
09-04-41L1357Blenheim 1,2SAC, cr fcd ldg Kimpton.
08-04-41X9397DH94   Hit by tanker Odiham
16-04-41G1+ESHe111P ,8/KG55,shot down cr Padwell Rd Southampton
16-04-41V6174Blenheim IV,59Sq cr on t/o Thorney Island
18-04-416025/B3+GKJu88A-5. Shot down by AA- while attacking Portsmouth. cr on Thorney Island Airfield 4 on board killed. 
28-04-41K9230Fairey Battle,1AACU ,cr in sea 300yds south of Hengistbury Head 1545hrs.Pilot Officer A C James  drowned.
28-04-41L1592Hurricane, cr landing Christchurch due u/c failure, no casualties
02-05-412368/3Z+DSJu88A-6 6/KG77 shot down by 604SQ, cr Millyford Freen , nr Lyndhurst – 1 killed  
02-05-41German a/c cr Boldre Wood ,near Picket Post
03-05-41P7842Spitfire ,118 Sq cr Ibsley Airfieldafter engine failed .    repaired.
05-05-41T2908Wellington .FEE Middle Wallop,ditched just offshore Boscombe.no cas
12-05-41G-ADHKShort Mayo Composite damaged in air raid Poole
12-05-41G-AGBJCatalina,as above
21-05-41L6595Blenheim I,404SQ, cr t/o Thorney Island
29-05-41L3179Roc I,2AACU, cr on t/o Gosport.
03-06-41L1495Blenheim I,2SAC, cr on app Andover.
04-06-41DE301DH82A RN U/c collapsed on landing Gosport
11-06-41P6983Whirlwind cr at Hurn
21-06-41V6387Blenheim IV,59Sq,cr on approach at North Hayling.
22-06-41N3108Spitfire 1 ,RAE.Undershot landing Farnborough.
22-06-41N3174Spitfire 1, 53 OTU ,U/c cllapsed landing Farnborough
25-06-41Z5814Blenheim IV,6 OTU ,Cr on t/o Thruxton.
26-06-41R2085Beaufighter 1F,604Sq, cr nr Kings Sombourne.
28-06-41L9790Beaufort 1,22Sq, cr on t/o Thorney Island.
30-06-41P8368Spitfire 1,118 Sq,mid-air collision  with P8376,Pilot baled out
30-06-41P8376Spitfire 1,118 Sq.See above-both cr at Breamore nr Fordingbridge
02-07-41L3175Roc 1,2MCU,cr on app Gosport.
03-07-41P8273Spitfire 1,AAEE,cr 1 mile N of Over Wallop during aerobatics Flt Lt S.A. Ellaby, RAE High Altitude Test Flight TP killed
08-07-41Unidentified enemy aircraft crashed Boldrewood.
08-07-415612/6N+GKHe111H-3, 2/KGr100,shot down by 604SQ,cr Manor Farm Efford,4 killed.
08-07-413992/IT+HLHe111h-5 ,3/KG28, shot down by 604SQ,cr Slade Farm Pilley,3 killed
09-07-41L9021Blenheim IV 6OTU,cr on overshoot Andover
30-07-41W6470Beaufort I,22Sq,cr on ldg Thorney Island
30-07-41L3071Roc 1,2AACU cr on ldg Gosport
18-08-41AW211Beaufort 1,22Sq, cr on overshoot Emsworth Channel.
02-09-41T2230Blenheim IV, 13SQ,cr on t/o Odiham
17-09-41W6491Beaufort I,22Sq,cr on t/o Thorney Island
19-09-41AE233Hampden I RAE,undershot at Farnboprough.
20-09-41Stirling (from Oakington ) crashed at Hurn
20-09-41T1439Lysander III, TFU,cr 12 m S of Christchurch.1K, out of fuel.Sgt F.I. Russell, WOp/AG killed
25-09-41AP524Hurricane 245 Sq.Mid air collision over Chilbolton Down .cr.Pilot killed
25-09-41BD738Hurricane 245 Sq.Mid air collision with above .pilot killed
26-09-41V9104Hudson III 48Sq,cr on app Odiham
28-09-41Hurricane 245 Sq Mid air collision ,cr near Stockbridge.Pilot killed
28-09-41Hurricane 245 Sq,Mid air collision with above,landed Middle Wallop.
29-09-41AM867Hudson swung off runway and cr.Bomb load exploded killing 8 on ground – crew OK
01-10-41DG656Avro 652,collision with AL941 at Lee on Solent
01-10-41AL941Chesapeake collision with above
03-10-41V7360Hurricane 1 AAEE,  cr fcd ldg Ashley Walk Range
10-10-41T2333Blenheim IV 42OTU undershot Andover
14-10-41V9116Hudson III 59Sq  cr Emsworth Channel on t/o Thorney Island.
15-10-41Z3260Hurricane IIB 245SQ, cr 4 m NW Middle Wallop.
19-10-41P-40  400 Sq,cr landed at Odiham after flying under “Spitfire Bridge” Winchester bypass.
23-10-41R1765Wellington IV,458Sq, abandoned- cr Tunnel Hill nr Aldershot
30-10-41X4827Spitfire 1,53OTU, belly landing Long Valley, Aldershot, no cas, RTS
09-11-41T4638/NG-FBeaufighter  604SQ  cr Quarry Hill(nr Middle Wallop) pilot killed.
01-12-41AW117Leopard Moth 7AACU cr Readons Farm nr Odiham
08-12-41R6898Spitfire 1,61 OTU,cr Bramley after hitting a tree.
10-12-41L9298Blenheim IV 2SAC .cr on T/o Andover
11-12-41R2203Beaufighter  IF 604Sq,cr on app Middle Wallop.
15-12-41X4923Spitfire 1,61 OTU,cr Ribers Hill ,Andover Sgt P Roach killed
15-12-41P5392Hampden I,408SQ,Cr at Longdown 4 killed.
24-12-41R2126Beaufighter IF,604Sq,ctr on t/O Middle Wallop.
04-01-42L3143Roc 2AACU ditched off Hayling Island.Pilot OK
07-01-42AW335Beaufort IIA,TDU, Engine failure on take-off Gosport ,Fg Off H.E.C. Elliott, P; AC1 StC.R.J. Andrews  killed.
10-01-42BL568Spitfire ,501Sq,Broke up in air cr at Rockbourne
11-01-42L8662Blenheim 1  AAEE. cr fcd ldg nr Petersfield
19-01-42T8382Master1. 9FTS/7AACU cr after wing broke of  over Hampshire
25-01-42K7935Gladiator I, 2AACU ,hit Barrage Balloon  at Gosport
26-01-42AL556Liberator II, 1427 FLT u/c failure Thruxton.
26-01-42BJ434Mohawk,15FPP , cr after forced landing 6m fr Basingstoke.
04-02-42BJ449Curtiss Mohawk IV,RAE,Stalled & cr at Farnborough.Sqn Ldr G.R. Fielder, RAE Engine Research Flight TP killed
08-02-42R4952DH82A Collided with Tomahawk AH747 Odiham
08-02-42AH747Tomahawk,400Sq, see above
08-02-42V9360Lysander III,750SQ,flew into ground-cr Highclere
12-02-42K8309Hotspur ,RAE cr Yateley Common after Forced landing.
13-02-42Z7501Blenheim IV,42.OTU cr on t/o Weyhill(Penton corner)
16-02-42BV984Piper Cub,ATA, cr Odiham -u/c collapsed.
18-02-42AA938Spitfire ,234 Sq Ibsley,Mid air collision with  BL693 over Ringwood,cr  nr Ringwood Church
18-02-42BL693Spitfire 234 Sq,see above,cr (where ?)
23-02-42BD980Hurricane II,245SQ,  coll 3 miles E of Chilbolton with  BE516
23-02-42BE516see above.
24-02-42K5608Shark II ,755SQ, flew into ground 2m SW of Worthy Down
26-02-42AB816Spitfire  234 Sq cr into River Avon at Ringwood after mid air with another Spitfire
03-03-42AT248/JHampden 1 415 Sq cr on take off Thorney Is.
14-03-42AM716Hudson V ,.407SQ,cr on overshoot  Thorney Island
17-03-42K7920Gladiator I 2AACU ,forced landing, cr  Hayling Island.#
18-03-42K8360Swordfish i 785SQ cr forced landing, Worthy Down
23-03-42AT230/GX-LHampden 1 .415 Sq ,spun into hill at Hambledon,4 killed.
25-03-42V7726Hurricane I,TFU, cr – forced landing nr Fordingbridge.
26-03-42W8388BostonIII,107SQ, cr on app, Thorney Island.
27-03-42AB965Spitfire V. Sergeant S A Childs was piloting one of a pair of Spitfires from RAF Ibsley’s 501 Sqn taking part in interception practice. Childs went into a spin in clouds at 16,000 feet (cause unknown) and was “thrown out through the hood”. He landed safely with no more than bruises and shock. The squadron records state the Spitfire crashed on a railway line near Brockenhurst, other records state near Ringwood.
30-03-42V5572Blenheim IV,42 OTU,cr on app, 1.5 m W of Andover
05-04-42V4414Swordfish  I 836SQ,collision at Lee-on-Solent
08-04-42V5720Blenheim IV,42OTU,dived into gnd,nr Basingstoke
12-04-42AA724Spitfire, 118Sq,Taxied into Fuel bowser at Ibsley
14-04-42L7317Manchester 1  106Sq,cr forced landing 1m NW  Lee-on-Solent – out of fuel.
15-04-42R8987Lockheed 12a,RAE, cr landing at Farnborough.
15-04-42Z8530Wellington II,405Sq,Abandoned nr Petersfield.
18-04-42AA938Spitfire 234Sq  .Mid air collision (see below) cr at Bickerley,Ringwood.( or at Wimborne St Giles Dorset
18-04-42BL693Spitfire 234 Sq .Mid air with above.cr  Bickerley.( or at Wimborne St Giles Dorset- see above)
22-04-42BL738Spitfire 118Sq ,wheels up landing at Ibsley
22-04-42Z5874Blenheim IV,42OTU Crashed on t/o Andover
26-04-42AD200Spitfire, 501Sq , ground collision with BL921 and BL752 at Ibsley
26-04-42BL921Spitfire ,402Sq ,see above
26-04-42BL752Spitfire ,164Sq ,see above
25-02-42W8798Master III,1FTS,flew into ground, Eversley.
27-03-42AB965Sergeant S A Childs was piloting one of a pair of Spitfires from RAF Ibsley’s 501 Sqn taking part in interception practice. Childs went into a spin in clouds at 16,000 feet (cause unknown) and was “thrown out through the hood”. He landed safely with no more than bruises and shock. The squadron records state the Spitfire crashed on a railway line near Brockenhurst, other records state near Ringwood.
27-04-42Spitfire Vb  501 Sq IBSLEY, broke up in mid-air,cr Barracks Lane Ringwood.
27-04-42Z2795Hurricane IIA,TFU cr after T/off, 2.5 miles N of Hurn
07-05-42K8478Blackburn Shark,(Worthy Down)abandoned by crew (Aileron Problem) Crew all OK – a/c cr nr school in Bramdean
08-05-42V6694Hurricane I,TFU cr after T/off,Hurn
15-05-42V5690Blenheim IV,42 OTU flew into gnd Thruxton
18-05-42K7744Wellesley  I,RAE , cr forced landing 3m NE Andover
22-05-42P6009Proctor I,780SQ, cr forced landing  nr Lee-on – Solent .
23-05-42AA902Spitfire ,41 Sq,cr at Winchester after pilot baled out.
26-05-42R4947DH82a,TFU Hurn , Hit trees after controls jammed nr Bransgore
27-05-42P6059Proctor 1,780SQ  forced landing in  Hamble river.
03-06-42Z6188Blenheim IV,42OTU,Cr on T/O Thruxton
04-06-42Beaufighter,cr Great Huntley Bank,nr Gritnam.
07-06-42Z6340Blenheim IV,13Sq,cr, fcd landing nr Andover.
10-06-42Z1261Wellington IV,142SQ,cr on T/o Middle Wallop.
13-06-42R7334Spitfire VB  cr  Alderholt Park,pilot killed. (118Sq IBSLEY)
14-06-42X7556Beaufighter I,604SQ,Shot down  Gritram Wood, Lyndhurst
16-06-42DE199Tiger Moth T2 ,broke up & cr Wooldings Farm,1mile N of Whitchurch ,pilot killed.
16-06-42X8065Beaufighter VIC ,TDU Gosport, Cr in sea Stokes Bay,Fg Off M.O. Davenport, TDU TP; Wg Cdr Shaw, CO TDU killed. (some give loc’n as Fort Rd Alverstoke)
17-06-42BE501Hurricane II, 245 Squadron, crashed near Fullerton. Cleveland Charles Matt killed carrying out a low attack exercise, and hit a tree. He was American, aged 28
06-07-42R3834Blenheim IV ,42OTU,Cr on t?o Thruxton
08-07-423992He111-H5  of3Kg28 cr 0135am near Dilton Farm Brockenhurst
08-07-42Liberator cr  near Friars Wood,Brockenhurst
11-07-42Liberator cr  S of Beaulieu(could be same as aircraft on 8th?)
??-07-42P-38 1FG USAAF cr IBSLEY  2killed.
14-07-42AH863Tomahawk I, 171 SQ Fcd Ldg Long Sutton
15-07-42DE196Tiger Moth T2 cr on landing Lee on Solent.(collision)
18-07-42BD955Hurricane II,245Sq, Overshot landing Christchurch
26-07-42AG388Mustang I,41OTU cr nr Ringwood
05-08-42AB417Spitfire,66Sq ,Wheels up landing Ibsley.
07-08-42T6433DH82A  Dived into ground 3m from Hartfordbridge Hants
09-08-42T5824DH82A   collided with L2801 Swordfish ,both cr Brook lane Warsash
09-08-42L2801Swordfish,780SQ,see  above.
15-08-42P8607Spitfire, 41 Sq, cr Weston Patrick nr Basingstoke.
15-08-42BP854Spitfire,1FPP,hit tree ,pilot baled out,cr 1 M  SW of Cheriton.
19-08-42N5452DH82A  26 Sq.cr on take off Farnborough
19-08-42AR339Spitfire cr  Stanstead Forest, Rowlands Castle returning from  mission Sgt S.G. Jenssen was killed.
19-08-42Z2264Boston III,226SQ ,cr Middle Wallop
20-08-42W2679Walrus I.cr on t/o Lee on Solent
24-08-42EN956Spitfire,501Sq,struck by lightning Middle Wallop airfield.
25-08-42AM809Hudson V ,608Sq,cr  overshoot Fort Gomer Gosport.
27-08-42EN958Spitfire,501Sq, as above.
27-08-42T6433Tiger Moth ,18EFTS ,cr 3m  from HartfordBridge.
29-08-42R3758BlenheimIV,614 Sq,cr on overshoot Odiham
29-08-42BJ649Wellingtom III.150SQ,bellylanding,Middle Wallop.
04-09-42BD543Whitley V,296Sq,cr on app Hurn.
07-09-42EW923Hudson VI.320Sq,cr on take off Thorney Island
07-09-4241-7611P38.71FS/1FG. suffered in flight fire over Avon Tyrell
09-09-42N5645Gladiator No.2 AACU.cr on golf course Hayling Island, engine failure.Pilot L.Mascall survived
09-09-42V8265Beaufighter 141Sq cr Ravensbeck Farm,East End.near Boldre,Lymington,Pilot killed.
09-09-42Z5223Hurricane IIB,245Sq,flew into gnd 3.5 m NE Andover
10-09-4241-7568P-38.71FS/1FG ,accident at Ibsley
15-09-42R7847/ZH-NTyphoon  cr on landing  IBSLEY
19-09-42BV561Proctor II,755Sq,cr on overshoot Worthy Down
23-09-42AB940Spitfire,884Sq, flew into high ground at Butser Hill,nr Petersfield.
08-10-42L1140Blenheim I 42OTU, broke up and cr Upper Clatford.
08-10-4241-7602P-38.1FG.Accident at Ibsley
11-10-4241-7618P-38F 94FS.Hit ground in flight – Ibsley
15-10-4241-7634P-38F .Accident at Ibsley
19-10-42T8382Master 1,7 AACU,broke up over Aldershot.-
27-10-42L7605Stirling P,RAE,cr forced landing Farnborough
31-10-42BT821Hotspur II,RAE, Cr Hartford Bridge.RAE, Failed to pull out of dive .Mr D.H.M. Horner, RAE FTO Killed
06-11-42V5814Blenheim IV,224Sq, cr on take off Beaulieu.
06-11-42DE462DH82A .175Sq. Hit wires on takeoff Hamble
07-11-42FK245Liberator III 224SQ,cr 1 m SW of Beaulieu ,7 killed
08-11-42W8959Miles Master 71FS USAAF,Accident at Ibsley.Pilot W R Salz
09-11-42W8853Miles Master 71FS USAAF,Accident at Ibsley Pilot R G Beaton
19-11-42T2574Wellington 21OTU,cr Longmoor 4 killed.(date also given as 18th)
22-11-42N8067Master I 400SQ cr  Wooldings Fm,Overton
22-11-42K5656      Shark II,755Sq,cr fcd ldg Chilbolton
23-11-42Martlett,engine failed after t/o Christchurch- forced landing Bockhampton Farm,Bransgore.
28-11-42R7687/QTyphoon 1A, 266 Sq, Engine failed , cr Blackthornes Farm Canterton
28-11-42R7687Typhoon 1A,266Sq cr on forced landing at Furzey, Minstead.
02-12-42AD187Spitfire(op by USAAF stn  467) accident Farnborough
05-12-42DE527DH82A GPEU,Dived into ground Houghton Down nr Stockbridge
08-12-42P6003Proctor I 780Sq Flew into gnd Hillhead
08-12-42BD556Whitley V 296SQ  cr Sidown Hill Burghclere
08-12-42BD541Whitley V 296SQ  cr Fcg Ldg Penton Mewsey
12-12-42EV774Fairchild Argus,cr at Hamble
15-12-42DT624/FHalifax II,405SQcr  due engine failure at Harepath,East Boldre.7 killed.
21-12-42DT573/HHalifax II,405 Sq Forced landing Bergerie Farm, Beaulieu, repaired.
23-12-42BS139Spitfire IX AAEE  cr Cadbury Farm, Mottisfont in Fog .Flt Lt G.L. Campbell DFC, Performance Test Squadron A&AEE; TP
30-12-4241-6188P47C collided with Hurricane landing at Odiham
30-12-42Hurricane- see above
??-??-42?Oxford crashed in trees at Stem Lane copse , New Milton.
12-01-43LV346Liberator ,cr on approach Thorney Island,Power loss.
04-02-43W7917Halifax II ,A & AEE cr Sutton Scotney after Rudder Failure in dive.3K
18-02-43V8564Beaufighter VI ,FIU,shot down in error by Wellington BK467 and cr at Bedenham AA Site, Fareham Rd Gosport. Pilot FO James A Clandillon killed while attempting to land at Gosport. Observer FO Anthony C Griffith baled out.There is a  memorial to FO Clandillon in the grounds of the Civil Service Club at Bedenham.
18-02-43R9163Stirling 1,214Sq,abandoned ,cr at Four Marks,SW of Alton
18-02-43BV215Warwick 1..Engine caught fire and aircraft burnt out,Farnborough
20-02-43Z2014Firefly 1,Collision, Gosport.
21-02-43T7182Tiger Moth RAF IBSLEY/129SQ, hit cables & cr  near Ibsley Church.
21-02-43DT633/OHalifax II, 405SQ Cr and burned Stubbs Wood, Beaulieu,7 killed.
26-02-43P2065Hampden 1,415 Sq,Caught fire while refuelling Thorney Island.Bombload exploded,burnt out.
26-02-43AE201Hampden 1,415 Sq,destroyed  by fire caused by above.
28-02-43FK237Liberator III 86Sq,Flew into ground Old Idworth Farm Compton.
04-03-43P1393Albemarle AFEE Brakes failed on landing Hartfordbridge 4.3.43; DBR
06-03-43R8842Typhoon    182 Sq forced landingGreat Wood, 2mile s of Andover.
06-03-43AB521Spitfire VC,129Sq  Cr landing at IBSLEY (129SQ)
07-03-43DN247Typhoon  182 Sq   take off accident MIDDLE WALLOP
19-03-43AE418/GX-BHampden 1,415 Sq,cr on approach Thorney Island at 2315Hrs.4 killed
23-03-43AT232/GX-AHampden 1,415 Sq,cr on beach nr Thorney Island.
28-03-43BR585Spitfire ,616Sq,Aborted t/off ,raised u/c to stop,Ibsley.
30-03-43DR919Defiant I,1622Flt,COA Lee,at Pound Knapp, Chalk La, L-o-S.
05-04-43BD554Whitley V,297Sq,cr on app, Weyhill Stn nr Andover.
06-04-43DE525Tiger Moth,   Stalled and spun into ground nr Andover
07-04-4342-29651B-17F     Forced Landing – out of fuel- at Poole.
19-04-43AR430Spitfire,602Sq,collided with Mustang AP181 (430SQ) and cr Newton Cottage  ,nr Crondall, The Mustang (AP181) cr at Hillside Farm nr Odiham
21-04-43BT979Hotspur II,GPEU,cr Chilbolton
02-05-43DN261/XM-LTyphoon  182 Sq  forced landing 4 miles S of Basingstoke.
02-05-43BK696Stirling III,149SQ  cr Windmill Hill nr Havant
05-05-43DR940DefiantI, 2AACU Tangled with tow rope ,dived into ground nr Becton Bunny,Barton
07-05-43144072/3E+HKJu88A-4  2/KG6   cr Southmead Meadows(Westover Farm) ,Ringwood
07-05-43DE566Tiger Moth,181Sq,spun & cr nr Winslade
11-05-43DG350Halifax . Swung on take-off, Holmsley South.undercarriage collapsed     
16-05-43DG390Halifax from HOLMESLY SOUTH,cr at 1215hrs on approach at Shirley Bransgore (2 miles nne Sopley).7 killed   
19-05-43T6860Tiger Moth  43 OTU cr Kytes Lane ,Durley, Eastleigh
20-05-43DK122Halifax  from RAF Holmsley South cr at Damerham, nr Fordingbridge.All on board killed. NB:Date also given as 19-05-43.
20-05-4350136FW190A-5 ,15/SKG10,shot down cr 34 Grove Rd Bournemouth.
23-05-43FW190D    Shot down by Spitfire and cr St Ives Hotel Grove Rd Bournemouth
01-06-43DG350Halifax,Swung on take-off, Holmsley South.undercarriage collapsed( see also 11-05-43)
21-06-43EL154Beaufighter VI 488Sq,cr landing Middle Wallop
21-06-43K8483Shark  II,755Sq,Undershot Worthy Down
23-06-43DJ989Halifax V 295Sq,cr fcd ldg Ferndown
25-06-43MB315Seafire.15 MU, overshot landing at Christchurch and cr on “Musoka” Caroline Ave,Mudeford.
25-06-43P6061Proctor 1 755Sq, Spun in Charicot Fm, 1m SE  Whitchurch.
26-06-43T7796Tiger Moth II ,cr landing Eastleigh
28-06-4341-6225P47C   335FS/4FG,accident(CBL) at Lee on Solent
29-06-43BR314Spitfire,616Sq,Pilot baled out,cr Eastland Waterlooville.
02-07-43DT688Halifax swerved on take-off from Holmsley South and once again the result was a collapsed undercarriage!
04-07-43DK174Halifax V,76SQ cr ldg Hartfordbridge.
04-07-43NM968Spitfire  879Sq,Spun in and cr Andover Airfield after engine failure.
10-07-43EB687Spitfire cr at Hurn
24-07-43Whitley cr nr Throop after engine failure on take off from Hurn
22-07-4341-23787B-24D,506BS/44BG, accident(TOA) at Ibsley
04-08-43EG765/GLancaster,617 SQ,cr Ashley Walk Bombing Range while testing bouncing bomb. (date also given as 5th)
11-08-43FD492Mustang 1  blown over landing Odiham
13-08-43JB902Halifax 502SQ & Wellington in mid-air collision  over Arnewood Court. cr Flexford,Sway.7 killed.
13-08-43MP622WellingtonXII,407Sq(see above) cr nr Partridge Farm Silver St Hordle, 6 killed,1 on ground killed.
16-08-43Wellington,  seen to cr in flames between Ibsley and Somerford(?)
22-08-43W3719Spitfire,66Sq, s/d while on “Ramrod” mission , cr-landed at Ibsley.PO W Furness-Roe. Photo below from Geoff Merritt.
22-08-43BS115Spitfire VI ,cr in sea off Christchurch- engine  failure
22-08-43AG447Mustang 1  170SQ cr at  Crondall( Hants) – engine  failure.
22-08-43EB299Whitley V 296Sq1 cr Middle Wallop
24-08-43DP396Horsa 1  297SQ,Undershot langing Hurn (at night)
24-08-43LG929Horsa 1  1HGMU, cr landing Hurn(at night)
29-08-43BZ775/GLiberator GR.V 311 Sq,cr on take off Beaulieu at Hawkshill enclosure,8 killed.
30-08-43BZ885Liberator GR.V,stalled and cr Beaulieu
30-08-43BZ785/LLiberator  311 CzechSq,cr at Dilton Copse nr Brockenhurst,5 killed
30-08-4342-29725B-17F.92BG/326BS,Accident(MAC) 13 miles N of Portsmouth
30-08-4342-29962As above 92BG/407BS – mid-air collision.
30-08-43AE776Ventura 1   21 SQ, cr landing Hartfordbridge
01-09-43T7804DH82A Hit obstruction on takeoff Odiham,DBR
06-09-43L4076Hampden 1, 415 sq,cr in sea while on circuits at Thorney Island.3 killed
07-09-43EJ917TYphoon 1B,266Sq cr fcd ldg  at Ludshott Common.Borden
09-09-43AD799Hampden1   415 Sq  Cr near Thorney Island(where??) ,4 killed
13-09-43BZ220Boston IIIA cr 1/2 mile E of Eversley,Hants- engine fire.
15-09-4342-8414P-47.352FS/353FG.accident(TAC) at Thorney Island
18-09-43AG549Mustang 1 ,16SQ, cr on take off Hartfordbridge.
21-09-43AL999Mustang 1 ,1ADF cr  during low level run Hartfordbridge
21-09-43LR682Seafire IIc, U/c collapsed  .
22-09-43BD531Whitley V,295SQ  cr on take off Thruxton.
23-09-4341-6193P-47.62FS/56FG.accident(LACMF) Thorney Island
23-09-43T3041Beaufighter II 781SQ  collision nr Lee-on-Solent
26-09-4342-5434B-17.303BG.USAAF”Lady Luck”,cr just East of Alresford Pond Ref: 595333  approx. On cancelled raid to Nantes. Engine problems causing wing to crack.all crew bailed out, pilot waited to last minute to try and ensure loaded bomber missed town of Alresford.
01-10-43BB434Halifax 301FTU/OADU Overshot landing on wrong runway and hit obstructions, Hurn
03-10-43L4617Oxford 15(p)afu  flew into ground at Silchester.No cas.
08-10-43HZ725Wellington XIII,cr on take off Thorney Island.
10-10-43P1405Albemarle, 297Sq,Spun in at Homey Ridge(engine failure)4 killed
16-10-43AL993Mustang 1 , 4SQ , midair collision with AP203 ,cr  nr Basingstoke
18-10-43FH240Hudson IIIA ,u/c collapsed landing Gosport. 
21-10-43DE481Tiger Moth, 616SQ (RAF IBSLEY) crashed  Fairlie Estate Ringwood.2 killed
15-11-43BZ817/LLiberator GR.V .53Sq.cr on take off Swinesleys Farm, 2 m E of Beaulieu.8 killed
19-11-43HR677Halifax,502 Sqdn suffered unspecified accident at Holmsley and was written off
24-11-43MM248Mosquito PRXVI 140Sq Engine lost power on take-off swung and u/c raised to stop Hartfordbridge
25-11-43BZ278Boston IIIA ,cr nr Blackbushe
27-11-43JD164/AL-KHalifax cr short of rw at Thorney Is. no cas.
01-12-4342-30714B-17F,423BS/306BG,cr 2.5 miles N of Lasham
06-12-43P1434Albemarle.296SQ cr on approach Hurn due  double engine failure,3 killed.
11-12-43LR269Mosquito FBVI 613Sq,Flew into hill in bad visibility on low level bombing exercise 11m NE of Andover
21-12-43P1462Albemarle 296/297sq Flew into high gnd nr Alton
30-12-43HJ771MOsquito,305SQ,swung landing at Lasham and crashed.Pilot Sgt Antoni Kujawa OK.
30-12-43BZ354Boston IIIA,midair collision with BZ299(Boston) cr nr Winchfield
30-12-43BZ299Boston IIIA – see above.
30-12-4343-6054P-51A,107RS/67RG Accident(CRT) Middle Wallop
02-01-44AD451Spitfire 109TRS/67TRG USAAF .Landing Accident at Middle Wallop
02-01-44W3407Spitfire .109TRS/67TRG USAAF Landing Accident at Middle Wallop
02-01-44LR272Mosquito FBVI 613Sq Engine cut on t/off Lasham hit trees in forced landing Ellisfield
04-01-44DG204/GGloster F9/40 port engine exploded, pilot Sqn Ldr W.D.B.S. Davie AFC, RAE Turbine Flight TP killed in bale out , a/c cr  on RAE Farnborough.
06-01-4443-592L-4B .15TRS/67TRG Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop
06-01-44BZ387Boston IIIA,overshot and cr Blackbushe
14-01-4442-25590P-47D.10ADG. Landing accident at Chilbolton
18-01-44BV235Warwick 1ASRTU Hit high around near Thorney Island
24-01-4441-6336P-47C.HQ 9thAF.Landing accident at Middle Wallop
24-01-4441-6160P-51A.107TRS/67TRG accident(GAC) at Middle Wallop
25-01-4442-12979F-5A 27PRS/7PRG cr(BOW) at Stanley Farm ,Liphook
26-01-44BB377Halifax of 301FTU  Overseas Delivery Unit ,HURN,cr in sea  off Bournemouth Pier.
26-01-44HX908Mosquito FB.VI,305Sq stalled on app Lasham after both engines failedcr at Shaldon . Pilot Sgt Mieczyslaw
26-01-44Hurricane 439SQ RCAF. Mid-air collision with P-47 from   HURN.Crashed,pilot Killed.
29-01-4443-607L-4B.9thAF.Accident(ENG) at Middle Wallop
??-02-44JR365/HE-PTyphoon 263 Sq  landing accident Beaulieu (repaired).
01-02-4442-75965P-47D.397FS/368FG.Accident(KCR) at Chilbolton
08-02-44DE929DH82A Overturned on takeoff Hamble
08-02-44HK374Mosquito NFXIII 85SQ,Collided with Wellington LN185 and crashed Emsworth Hants
09-02-44MH480Spitfire ,129Sq, cr after combat at Heath Rd East,Petersfield.
09-02-44BZ218Boston IIIA, wrecked in bellylanding Blackbushe
11-02-44F-5 Lightning, 7PG, Forced landing Thorney Hill, Repaired.
22-02-44DE464DH82A,  Dbr in slipstream of Spitfire Hartfordbridge
22-02-44LR289Mosquito,305SQ,Lasham,cr 1M NNE Herriard on test flt. Flt Sgt Stefan Szarek was the pilot.
24-02-4443-12402P-51B.109TRS/67TRG Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop
28-02-44AM195Mustang 1  168SQ cr nr Petersfield
02-03-4443-6390P-51B.109TRS/67TRG Accident(TAC) Middle Wallop
02-03-4442-68080P-38J.485FS/370FG. Accident(LAC) at Andover
02-03-44BL481Spitfire 15TRS/67TRG .Accident(TAC) at Chilbolton
03-0 3-4442-76271P-47D.366FG.accident at Thruxton
03-03-44BL365Spitfire.15TRS/67TRG Accident(TAC) at Chilbolton
04-03-4442-67283P-38J.3401FS/370FG. Accident(KCRL) at Andover
04-03-44L1563Hurricane 1  cr landing Andover
05-03-4441-6404P-47C.389FS/366FG.Accident(LAC) at Thruxton
05-03-4442-68072P-38J.485FS/370FG .Accident(FLEF) at Andover
05-03-44EP179Spitfire VB,15TRS/67TRG.Accident(TOA) at Chilbolton
06-03-44Halifax of 3  Overseas Delivery Unit ,cr on take off,HURN
06-03-4442-67849P-38J.370FG. Accident at Andover
06-03-4442-67299P-38J,401FS/370FG. Accident(LAC) at Andover
07-03-4442-76216P047D 396FS/368FG.CBL-3/4 mi n of Whitchurch.
07-03-44V1747Albemarle 295sq. Brakes failed while taxying and a/c hit transformer Hurn
08-03-44Albemarle,297SQ,Forced landing  nr Ringwood – out of fuel
09-03-4442-75236P-47D.HQ/365FG.cr  from dive from 30,000ft at Broomfield Farm Beaulieu (terminal speed est 700mph) pilot killed
11-03-4442-67780P-38J. 370FG. Accident at Andover
12-03-44DX218Proctor.Accident(GAC) at Beaulieu.Op by USAAF 387FS/365FG.
12-03-4442-68061P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(BOEF) at Chilbolton
12-03-4442-67454P-38J.402FS/370FG. cr(CBL) at Stockbridge
13-03-4442-67958P-38J.401FS/ 370FG. accident(CBLEF) at Andover
13-03-44V1711Albemarle 295sq. Flew into high ground in cloud 2 m NW of St.Catherines,IOW
13-03-44“EDW3848”Spitfire.12TRS/67TRG Accident(TAC) at Chilbolton
18-03-4442-76192P-47D 395FS/368FG.TAC Chilbolton
18-03-44BZ254Boston IIIA,cr on take off Blackbushe
19-03-4442-75692P-47D.391FS/366FG.Accident(LAC) at Thruxton
20-03-4442-76325P-47D.386FS/365FG.Accident(TAC) at Beaulieu
20-03-4442-76593P-47D.386FS/365FG.Accident(TAC) at Beaulieu
20-03-44FZ142Mustang III ETPS cr Foudry Brook nr Tadley Pilot baled out …OK   
21-03-44JP137Halifax. 1658OCU. cr 1235AM  on buildings in Wimborne Rd Bournemouth. crew & 3 on ground killed.
21-03-44LD972Hurricane 439SQ  cr near Avon causeway nr Hurn. RCAF pilot F/Lt N E Pollock killed after mid air collision 21Mar44 with 42-76469 P-47.511FS/405FG
21-03-4442-76237P-47.510FS/405FG.accident(LAC) at Christchurch
21-03-4442-76469P-47.511FS/405FG.Accident(MAC) at Christchurch:see LD972 above 21-03-44
23-03-4441-6191P-47C.397FS/368FG.accident(LAC) at Chilbolton
23-03-44BZ204Boston IIIA,cr on approach Blackbushe
23-03-4442-76361P-47D.511FS/405FG.accident(LAC) at Christchurch
24-03-44JR448Typhoon 1B.A&AEE;/SDFF Dived into ground at Grately, Pilot Fg Off D. Grundy, Special Duties Flight A&AEE; TP Killed
27-03-4442-104203P-38J 310FRS/27ATG CBLEF 1m E of Overton
28-03-44Auster IV, A Flt 652 Sq,cr Shirley Wood Bisterne.
28-03-44PA902Spitfire,16Sq,Engine failure ,cr at Blackbushe
28-03-4442-76263P-47D.406FS/371FG.accident(TAC) at Ibsley
28-03-4442-76106P-47D.406FS/371FG.accident(TAC) at Ibsley
30-03-4442-75692P-47D.391FS/366FG.accident(KCR) at Thruxton
30-03-4442-74726P-47.509FS/405FG.Accident(TOA) at Christchurch
31-03-4443-637L-4B.153LS.Accident(CRL) at Breamore.
31-03-4442-75419P-47D.391FS/366FG.accident(LAC) at Thruxton
31-03-4443-6370P-51B.107TRS/67TRG accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop
31-03-4442-76558P-47D.388FS/371FG.accident(FLEFF) at Beaulieu
31-03-4442-76125P-47D.388FS/365FG.Accident(LAC) at Beaulieu
04-04-4442-76285P-47D.391FS/366FG.accident(KCR) 8.5 miles SE Winchester(or on 5th?)
04-04-44LJ842Stirling(196 Sqdn Keevil)clipped trees at Warnford Park in bad weather, crashed 1 mile SW of Romsey(Towing LG999) 6 Crew killed
04-04-44LG999Horsa(see above) crashed WARNFORD Estate Nr. Winchester.A27o/b killed,
04-04-4442-76380P-47D.391FS/366FG.accident(KCR)  7 miles SE Winchester
06-04-4442-75680P-47D.366FG.Accident(CBLEF) 4 miles E of Andover
06-04-4442-67829P-38J.402FS/ 370FG. Accident at Andover
06-04-44JR505Typhoon,245 Sqdn belly landed at Holmsley
08-04-4442-76427P-47D.404FS/371FG.Accident(CRTDF) at Bisterne
09-04-4442-67273P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(CBL) Andover
11-04-4442-25882P-47D.326FRS/31ATG.accident(TAC) at Lymington
12-04-4442-75252P-47D.405FS/371FG.Accident(ENG) at Bisterne
12-04-4443-28337P-38J.394FS/367FG.accident(KCR) at Stoney Cross
12-04-4442-67975P-38J.485FS/370FG. Accident(MAC) at Andover
12-04-44LR418Mosquito PRIX RAE,Engine cut overshot landing hit ditch and u/c collapsed Farnborough
12-04-44HH965Hamilcar  1HGMU , broke tow  crashlanded  2.5m NW Fordingbridge
12-04-4442-68116P-38J.485FS/370FG. Accident(MAC) at Andover
12-04-44P-47 USAAF IBSLEY,cr after engine failure  at Moortown,Ringwood.
13-04-4441-6529P-47C.506FS/404th FG crashed  opposite Lamb Inn,Holfleet,nr Winkton whilst making emergency return to Winkton Advanced Landing Ground. Pilot Lt Andrew Frost killed
13-04-4442-75701P-47D.390FS/366FG.Damaged in hard Landing at Thruxton
14-04-4442-104422P-47D.394FS/367FG .accident(LAC) at stoney Cross
14-04-4442-75834P-47D.396FS/368FG.Accident(LAC) at Chilbolton
15-04-44EN563Spitfire cr Winkton airfield after tailwheel collapsed
16-04-44P8920Oxford.9thAF.Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop.
16-04-4442-67434P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover
17-04-44P-38 Lightning cr on take off Ibsley
18-04-44Z7198Proctor.365FG.Accident(TAC) at Beaulieu
18-04-4442-76461P-47D.511FS/405FG.Accident(TOA) at Christchurch
18-04-4442-67994P-38J.402FS/370FG.accident(LAC) at Andover
18-04-4442-67755P-38J.485FS/370FG.Accident(MAC) at Andover.  
18-04-44260523/Z6+EXJU-188E-1 2/KG66shot down by Typhoons of 266Sq and cr in grounds of Exbury House.0745am. 6 crew killed.
18-04-44MS981Auster IV 660 Sq Stalled on take off ( from where?)  cr Exbury- pilot killed
19-04-4442-8594P-47D.10FS/50FG.Accident(KMAC) at Lymington(possibly midair with a/c below)
19-04-4442-75116P-47D.10FS/50FG.accident(MAC) at Lymington
19-04-4443-12472P-51B.12TRS/67TRG accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop
19-04-4442-76580P-47.509FS/405FG.accident(TOA) at Christchurch
19-04-44HX807Mosquito6, crash landed at Holmsley. Jammed undercarriage.
19-04-4442-68022P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover.
19-04-4442-68091P-38J 402FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) Andover
20-04-4442-75279P-47D.492FS/48FG Accident(TAC) at Ibsley
20-04-4442-76432P-47.405FS/371FG .Accident(TAC) at Ibsley
20-04-4442-25898P-47D.507FS/404FG.Accident(TOA) at Chilbolton
20-04-4442-25456P-47D.10FS/50FG.Accident(TOA) at Lymington
20-04-4442-8379P-47D.506FS/404FG,Accident(TAC) at Winkton
20-04-4442-75052P-47D.506FS/404FG,Accident(TAC) at Winkton
20-04-4442-25731P-47D.508FS/404FG,Accident(TAC) at Winkton
21-04-4442-104181P-38J.512FS/367FG.accident(KMAC) at Stoney Cross
21-04-4442-104301P-38J.394FS/367FG.accident(CRT) at Stoney Cross
22-04-4442-67423P-38J.402FS/370FG.accident(KCRTEF) at Andover
22-04-4442-76114P-38J.396FS/368FG.Accident(TAC) at Chilbolton
23-04-4442-75846P-47D.391FS/366FG.Accident(TAC) at Thruxton
23-04-4442-76183P-47D.391FS/366FG.Accident(TAC) at Thruxton
24-04-4442-67990P-38J.392FS/367FG.accident(LAC) at Stoney Cross
24-04-4442-76432P-47D.405FS/371FG.Accident(TAC) Bisterne
24-04-44MM967Typhoon forced landing Hinton Admiral   174 Sq (HOLMSLEY)
25-04-4442-103225P-51C3  15TRS/67TRG  Accident(TOA) Middle Wallop
25-04-44Type unknown(Allied forces) cr Stansted Park Estate after mid-air collision
26-04-4442-67456P-38J.401FS/370FG.Accident(TAC) at Thruxton
26-04-4442-67430P-38J.401FS/370FG.Accident(TAC) at Thruxton
26-04-4442-76462P-47D.366FG.Accident at Winkton
27-04-4442-76455P-47D.386FS/365FG.Accident(TAC) at Beaulieu
27-04-4442-75418P-47D.386FS/365FG.Accident(TAC) at Beaulieu
27-04-4442-67255P-38J.370FG.Accident at Thruxton
27-04-44MM411Mosquito FBVI 107 Sq,Swung on take-off and u/c collapsed Lasham
28-04-4442-67420P-38J.401FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover
28-04-4442-103311P-51C2.15TRS/67TRG .Accident(TAC) at Middle wallop
30-04-4442-67975P-38J.485FS/370FG.Accident(MAC) at Andover
30-04-4442-76475P-47D.70FG.Accident(LAC) at Ibsley.Also noted as 48FG   
30-04-44P-47 cr at Highcliffe School.
??-??-44date unknown but believed to be spring 1944, a B-24 force landed at the as yet unopened  Winkton Advanced Landing Ground. The aircraft was reportedly an 8th AF B-24 returning from a raid in France which was badly damaged by flak and /or enemy fighters.Two independent and still surviving witnesses to presence of wreck, one local teenager, one a US major commanding a P-47 squadron at Winkton who arranged to cannibalise the wreck for flexible tubing. The wreck was in place as late as mid April 1944 when Winkton received its P-47s as the tubing was used  to replace the rigid glass tubing that linked drop tanks to the aircraft. The glass kept breaking causing aborts and early returns from training missions in advance of the P-47s going operational on May 1st 1944. The B-24 was believed to have landed and stopped on the north side of landing ground not far from the 1943 Halifaxcrash site in the same area near Bransgore.
??-05-44Tw P38 Lightnings in midair collision  over Fordingbridge
01-05-4442-67996P-38J.485FS/370FG.Midair collision with P-47 over Andover
01-05-44P-47.9thAF.see above
01-05-4442-76258P-47D.396FS/368FG.Take off accident at Chilbolton(CBL)
02-05-4442-76560P-47D.371FG.Belly landing Bisterne
02-05-4442-76282P-47D.365FG.Take off accident at Beaulieu
02-05-4444-76281P-47D 387FS/365FG Accident(CRMF)at Beaulieu
03-05-4442-67431P-38J.485FS/370FG.Engine failure-accident(CRLEF) at Andover
03-05-4443-104200P-38J.393FS/367FG.Landing accident(CBL) at Stoney Cross.
03-05-4441-34614AT-6D.9thAF.accident at Middle Wallop.
03-05-44MN582Typhoon 1B,174Sq,Engine failed cr W of Holmsley.
03-05-4441-34614AT-6D.HQ.9AF.Accident(SF) Middle Wallop
04-05-44MN431/18-KTyphoon  cr EASTLIEGH.
04-05-4442-67877P-38J.485FS/370FG.Accident(FLEF) 3m W of Andover
05-05-44T1377Oxford. HQ 67TRG.accident(GAC) at Middle Wallop.
06-05-4442-76291P-47D.391FS/366FG.Accident(TAC) at Thruxton
06-05-4442-76243P-47D.391FS/366FG.Accident(TAC) at Thruxton
06-05-4442-75869P-47D.387FS/365FG.Accident(LAC) at Beaulieu
06-05-44BL243Spitfire.15TRS/67TRG Accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop
06-05-44BL267Spitfire.15TRS/67TRG Accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop
07-05-4443-12160P-51B.109TRS/67TRG Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop
07-05-4443-12474P-51B 109TRS/67TRG.Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop
07-05-4442-22471P-51B.Accident at Middle Wallop
07-05-4442-68184P-38J.Accident at Andover.
07-05-4442-26052P-47D.493FS/48FG.Accident(FLoG) .5 miles NW Ibsley
07-05-44JR257/HH-WTyphoon  cr  Stansted Estate, Rowlands Castle.175 SQ (HOLMSLEY)P/O Justin Gerald Clermont killed
08-05-4442-103302P-51C.326FRS/31ATG.Accident(TAC) at Lasham
08-05-4442-103380P-51C.326FRS/31ATG.Accident(TAC) at Lasham
08-05-44JP488/ZY-JTyphoon 247SQ HURN  Mid-air collision North of HURN.
08-04-44MN302Typhoon  245 Sq Engine Failure, Forced landing nr HOLMSLEY.
08-05-44Typhoon(Two) mid -air collision N of Hurn  both cr,A:H190
09-05-4443-28355P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover
09-05-4442-104137P-38, 392FS/367FG Stalled and cr  in Queens North Wood, Fritham nr Stoney Cross
10-05-44EP380Spitfire.67TRG Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop.USNavy pilot
11-05-44AB898Spitfire.67TRG Accident (LAC)at Middle Wallop.USNavy Pilot
11-05-44P-47D. cr after take off Bisterne
11-05-44LR375Mosquito FBVI 613SQ, U/c collapsed on landing from training flight Lasham
11-05-4442-26008P47 507th FS/404th FG crashed  at West Rd Bransgore,on takeoff from Winkton Advanced Landing Ground. Pilot Captain Ray Langford survived.
11-05-4442-76391P-47 404FS/371FG/USAAF IBSLEY  cr after take off ,hit W.I. hut in Ibsley.no casualties.
12-05-4442-103352P-51C.354FS/355FG.Accident(CBL) at Hurn
13-05-4442-75650P-47D.386FS/365FG.Accident(GL) at Beaulieu
14-05-44HK501Mosquito NFXIII 264SQ Abandoned on patrol nr Alton Hants.
15-05-44X7186Oxford.493FS/48FG.Accident(TAC) at Ibsley
15-05-4442-67890P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(KMAC) at Crux Easton
15-05-44180440/3E+MHJU88 A2  1KG/6 shot downby 264SQ,cr at Manor Farm , West Worldham nr Selborne,3 killed
15-05-44Mosquito shot down by above a/c
16-05-4443-29228L-4A,HQ/367FG.Accident(TAC) at Stoney Cross
17-05-4443-598L-4B,15TRS/67TRG accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop
17-05-4442-76257P-47D.371FG.Accident at Bisterne
19-05-4442-25978P-47 508th FS/404th FG crashed at Priests Lane,Sopley, on takeoff from Winkton Advanced Landing Ground, Pilot Lt Jack Connor survived
19-05-4442-26354P-47D.506FS/404FG.accident(LAC) Winkton
19-05-4442-76091P-47D.511FS/405FG.Accident(TOA) at Christchurch
19-05-4442-76064P-47D.511FS/405FG.Accident(TOA) at Christchurch
19-05-44AD417Spitfire 67TRG.accident (LAC)at Middle wallop.USN Pilot
19-05-4442-98660L-5.109TRS/67TRG.Accident(LAC) Middle Wallop
19-05-44JR136/HH-ETyphoon 175 Sq cr Hursley Park.
20-05-44BZ350Boston IIIA,crash landed Blackbushe.dbr 
20-05-4443-25591P-47D.511FS/405FG.Accident(TOA) at Christchurch
20-05-4442-76332P-47D.510FS/405FG.Accident(LAC) at Christchurch
20-05-4441-35836AT-23 HQ/84FW,Accident(LAC) at  Middle Wallop
21-05-4442-76121P-47D.388FS/365FG. accident(TACNU) at Beaulieu
21-05-4442-25965P-47D.507FS/404FG.Accident(TOA) at Winkton
21-05-4442-25693P-47D.507FS/404FG,accident(TOA) at Winkton
21-05-4442-76089P-47D.362FG.Accident at Chilbolton
21-05-4442-75818P-47D.396FS/362FG.Accident(MAC) at Chilbolton
21-05-4442-76080P-47D.396FS/368FG accident(MACBBL)at Chilbolton
23-05-4443-28457P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover
24-05-44BZ325Boston IIIA,cr/forced landing 2 miles NE Eversley
24-05-44BZ105Vigilant  2TAF CS,overturned landing at Southwick Park Hants
25-05-4441-34617AT-6D.15TRS/67TRG Accident(GL) at Middle Wallop
25-05-44MP564Wellington. cr  N of railway line Christchurch while on approach Christchurch
25-05-44NS901/SM-KMosquito FB.VI,305SQ- Flew into trees nr Lasham . P/O Henryk Kolacz and Sgt Franciszek Kruszynski killed.
27-05-4442-76571P-47  492FS/48FG/USAAF IBSLEY  ,Burst tyre on take off, a/c caught fire and bombload exploded.
27-05-44MN342Typhoon  stalled  and spun in,cr near Bransgore.Pilot Killed
28-05-44P47,494FS/48FG- take off accident at Ibsley Pilot 1st LT Carlos Ball killed.
28-05-44HV365Hurricane 174Sq, cr Holmsley- engine failed on approach
28-05-44BL993Spitfire.326FRS/31FG.Taxying Accident at Middle Wallop
28-05-4443-701L-4B.404FG.Taxying accident at Winkton
28-05-4443-705L-4B.510FS/405FG.Involved in Midair collision over Avon (KCR)village
29-05-4442-76576P-47D.405FG/405FG.Landing gear collapsed Chilbolton
29-05-44JR142Typhoon .tyre burst on take off at Holmsley,cr & written off
29-05-44JR534/HH-YTyphoon.destroyed in landing accident Holmsley South   SQ.
29-05-4442-25962P-47D.508th FS/404th FG crashed  at Priest”s Lane Sopley, on takeoff from Winkton Advanced Landing Ground, Pilot Lt Harry Nystrom survived
29-05-4442-74746P-47D.494FS/48FG.Take off accident at Ibsley
31-05-44NH687Spitfire,322Sq,Pilot baled out,cr Aldershot.
02-06-4442-76125P-47D.388FS/365FG.Caught fire landing Beaulieu
02-06-4442-76161P-47D.506FS/404FG.Accident(TOAEF) at Winkton
03-06-4442-103360F-6C.15TRS/67TRG Accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop
05-06-44Mosquito,418SQ,cr landing Holmeley South.
06-06-4442-75198P-47D cr  on landing Beaulie after bomb  became detached and pilot lost cotrol
06-06-4443-25308P-47D.10FS/50FG.Accident(GACF) at Lymington
06-06-4442-25735P-47D.81RS/50FG.Accident(TOAEF) at Lymington
06-06-4442-76491P-47D.511FS/405FG.Accident(LAC) at Christchurch
06-06-4442-98639L-5.9thAF.Accident(TAC) at Middle Wallop
06-06-4442-106939P-51B.353FS/354FG.Accident(GL) at Stoney Cross
07-06-4442-75359P-47D.492Fs/48FG Accident(CBLEF) at Ibsley
07-06-4442-76485P47D 511FS/405FG accident(GL) Christchurch
08-06-4442-103223F-6C.12TRS/67TRG,Accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop
08-06-4442-67985P-38J.401FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover
08-06-4442-76440P-47D.368FG.accident at Chilbolton
08-06-4442-76314P-47D.389FS/366FG.Accident(FLEF) 1 Mile W of Thruxton
08-06-4441-31677/FW-CB26B-20-MA,553BS,cr Stoney Cross
09-06-4442-26542Two P-47s of 326FRS/31TpG collided  when landing on intersecting runways at Beaulieu -other a/c was 42-75143
10-06-4442-76166P-47D.511FS/405FG,Accident(TOA) at Christchurch
10-06-44MN305Typhoon 1B 413 R&SU.; beely ldg Thorney Is .eng fld on t/o.
11-06-4442-68047P-38J.393FS/367FG.Accident(TAC) at Stoney Cross 
11-06-44MJ499Spitfire,312Sq,cr Portsmouth Airfield after running out of fuel while on approach
11-06-4442-8569P-47.22DRS/86DRG Taxying accident at Chilbolton
11-06-4442-75599P-47D 397FS/368FG.accident(TAC) at Chilbolton
11-06-44HK252Mosquito NFXIII,125SQ, U/c collapsed on landing Hurn
11-06-44Wellington ,cr 200yds  short of E end of runway at Christchurch after one engine failed.
12-06-44MN115/HB-FTyphoon cr 2 miles S of Christchurch.
12-06-4442-8596P-47D.510FS/405FG.Accident(LAC) at Christchurch.
12-06-4442-76467P-47D.510FS/405FG.Suffered explosion in flight
13-06-4443-28337P-38J.370FG .Accident at Andover
13-06-4443-28339P-38J.402FS/370FG.Accident(TOA) at Andover
13-06-4442-67755P-38J.485FS/370FG .Landing accident at Andover
13-06-4442-68055P-38J.402FS/370FG .Accident(TAC) at Andover
14-06-4442-25748P-47D.508FS/404FG.accident(CBLoG) at Holmsley
14-06-44P-47D 405 FG cr at Highcliffe  due battle damage. Pilot OK
14-06-4442-76273P-47D 396FS/368FG.CRL4m S Stockbridge.
15-06-4442-103618P-51C.109TRS/67TRG Take off accident at Middle Wallop
15-06-44P-47, 10FS , Pilot bailed out after combat, cr on mudflats nr Tanners Lane, Pylewell, Lymington
16-06-4443-6167F-6A.107TRS/67TRG.Accident(CBLMF) at Middle Wallop
17-06-4443-1382L-4B.371FG,Engine failure Bisterne(cr?)
17-06-4442-103448F-6C.109TRS/67TRG Engine failure Middle Wallop(CRLEF)
18-06-4442-75589P-47D.406FS/371FG.Accident(FLEX) at Bisterne
18-06-4442-25995P-47D.313FS/50FG Take off accident Lymington
18-06-4442-76369P-47D.10FS/50FG.Accident(CRTMF) at Lymington
20-06-4442-75543P-47D.368FG Damaged by fire on ground Chilbolton
20-06-4442-72613P-47D.368FG Damaged by fire on ground Chilbolton
21-06-4443-28401P-38J.392FS/367FG.cr into trees  200 yd W of Stoney Cross
01-06-4442-104183P-38J.392FS/367FG.Forced landing Stoney Cross
21-06-44MN857Typhoon 257SQ  Engine failed-ditched nr Keyhaven. Operational records state: F.S. Whitmore made a successful forced landing on mud flats N. of Lymington after his engine had cut out completely in a practise “break”. Aircraft partly submerged in sea water, but pilot was unhurt.
22-06-4441-34607AT-6D.15TRS/67TRG Accident(LAC) at Middle Wallop.
23-06-4442-104400P-38J.485FS/370FG.Take off accident at Andover
23-06-44NS837Mosquito FBVI,21Sq,O’shot landing hit sea wall returning from patrol Thorney Island
24-06-44BL698Spitfire, 63 Squadron (Lee-on-Solent), cr at Bailey’s Farm, Clayhall Road, Gosport after engine  fire .Pilot Fl Lt A T Witney killed
25-06-44MN760Typhoon 193 SQ.cr near Needles.
25-06-44MN814Typhoon 181 SQ spun in and cr near Ringwood
25-06-4441-34976B-26 456BS cr N of Lymington – on app Beaulieu – one engine out after ops over France
27-06-44MN750/DTyphoon  197Sq Forced landing – engine failure cr Mopley, Langley near Fawley
27-06-4443-1381L-4B.494FS/48FG.Accident(TAC) at Ibsley
27-06-4442-76326P-47D.386FS/365FG.Accident(CBLEF) at Beaulieu
29-06-4442-76425P-47D 509FS/405FG cr on t/o  Christchurch ,hit house in Foxwood Av
29-06-4442-76476 & 42-26338  P-47Ds.509FS/405FG  further t/o incident at Christchurch involving the same pilot as the previous  incident(Vincent R James),cr on bungalow Foxwood Ave. 16 killed on ground + pilot. ( other sources give one a/c as 42-76614)
29-06-44P-47 cr Lymington Rd,Christchurch.
30-06-4442-25682P47 506th FS/404th FG destroyed on landing at Winkton Advanced Landing Ground, when hung up frag bombs fell of and detonated. Pilot Lt Roger Green died later of injuries received.
02-07-4442-76523P-47D 406FS/371FG.cr southern  tip Isle of Wight(BOEF)
02-07-4443-7538UC78 Cessna Bobcat HQ/84FW/USAAF cr near Winchester Rd/ Romsey (Cause given as structural failure of right wing)
02-07-4442-76265P-47D.406FS/371FG.accident(LAC) at Christchurch
04-07-44HF352Wellington GR 14, stalled  on wheels up landing Odiham.7 killed.(Flt Lt Alexander Williams Fraser DFC  RAAF , WO S. Bickell, Sgt Keith Lawrence Popejoy, AC1 S. Parsons, Mr David William Parker (FTO), Mr Russell Arcot Erskine (FTO), Mr K. Dart (FTO)
05-07-4442-37888/F-OJB-17G.”Happy Warrior”527BS/379BG.Hit houses at Andover(KCR)
05-07-4442-75861P-47D.405FG.Flew into high ground St.Albans Head
07-07-44P6019Proctor 1A.755 Sq, Worthy Down,cr 11 miles S of Overton(nr Micheldever?). Sub Lt G Pickles and Wren J Coultas both killed .
07-07-4443-28531P-38J.392FS/367FG.Forced landing Stoney Cross(CBLEF)
07-07-4443-29228L-4A.392FS/367FG Accident(LAC) at Ibsley
07-07-4444-23480P-38J.485FS/370FG.Accident(LAC) at Andover
08-07-4443-28339P-38J.370FG.Dove into ground at Tangley
10-07-44NS959Mosquito FB.VI.226Sq.cr on landing Thorney Island. Navigator Flying Officer J.C. Bicknell and Pilot F Lt W B Adams killed.
14-07-4442-104253P-38J.392FS/367FG.Accident(LAC) at Ibsley
15-07-44MM551Mosquito XIII 488SQ descent in cloud flew into wood NE of Holmsley 2. RNZAF crew killed
17-07-4442-104047P-38J.370FG.Hit ground Kings Somborne
17-07-4442-104197P-38J.370FG.Stalled (and cr?) nr Kings Somborne Re the two aircraft above – the following info has been received from Mike Coenen whose father was with the 402FS…… “The two planes were in a flight (402nd FS).  They were climbing out of Andover in a finger four configuration on a mission to the continent.  This particular flight was led by then Major Joel Owens.  His wingman to his left was second Lt Stevens.  I don’t know who the element leader was but his wingman was Lt Virgil Mary.  My father was trailing with another Lightning pilot as back up for any aborts and is listed in the accident report stating that he observed Stevens ship roll to the inverted position where the left prop (now on the right in the inverted position), come off the shaft and fly across the flight striking Lt Mary’s ship. The two pilots struggled to right their fully bombed and fueled planes ultimately loosing control with both crashing near Somborne.  Both pilots were killed. The accident report addressed mechanical conditions with the reduction gear on Stevens P-38 (left engine) as the cause.  Lt Virgil Mary is buried in the National Cemetery near San Francisco and Major Owens still lives near Colorado Springs, Colorado.”
17-07-4442-67908P-38J.402FS/370FG .Damaged by fire Andover
17-07-44P-38 367FG/394FS  Wheels up landing IBSLEY   a/c written off.
18-07-4442-50941B-24J,856BS/492BG crashlanding at Thorney Is. following damage  by flak.
18-07-4442-107609B-26C.587BS/394BG.Accident(MAC) at Chilbolton
20-07-4442-67408P-38J .392FS/367FG.accident (LAC)at Ibsley 
22-07-44W3314Spitfire,26 Sq,collided with AA850 and BL638 , all cr Old Arlesford
22-07-44AA850Spitfire,26 Sq,see above
22-07-44BL638Spitfire,26 Sq,see above
23-07-44Mosquito IV exploded in mid-air 1900hrs.Cr opposite Alder Rd Drill Hall ,Bournemouth.
23-07-4442-97622B-17G.303BG.Ran out of Fuel and cr nr Bishops Waltham. Pilot F/O Cecil M Miller & Tail Gunner William Zweck killed others of crew baled out
23-07-4442-67456P-38J 401FS/370FG. cr Isle of Wight(KMAC)
23-07-4442-67943P-38J 401FS/370FG.cr  1 m from Brading,IOW,(BOEF)
23-07-44HR149Mosquito FBVI 418SQ Broke up in air and crashed Parkstone .
25-07-4441-34976B-26C.456BS/323BG.Forced landing  6 miles WNW Beaulieu(CRLEF)
26-07-4442-68044P-38J 393FS/USAAF   mid air with  below ,cr Blissford Hill ,nr Ringwood.
26-07-4444-23650P-38J 393FS/USAAF   mid air with above, cr near Chilly Hill(near Ringwood)
26-07-4442-68186P-38J 393FS?USAAF also involved in the above incident .It isn’t clear exactly which aircraft crashed where.
26-07-44JN735Tempest 1 ,RAE abandoned nr Headley Park Hants after engine siezed.
??-??-44Lightning P5 cr at Holmsley
28-07-44JP939Typhoon  84 GSU   cr near Thruxton.
28-07-44PL829Spitfire,400 Sq, cr on approach at Odiham after engine fire
31-07-44BZ210Boston,cr on take off Blackbushe
31-07-44N6410Oxford .Hit trees 5 miles W of Winchester
09-08-44PL831Spitfire,4 Sq , cr in flames Petersfield
01-08-44LR355Mosquito FBVI 613SQEngine cut o/s  landing and crashlanded into wood Upton Gray
01-08-4441-34953B-26C.455BS/323BG.Landing accident Beaulieu
02-08-4442-95975B-26B,454BS/323BG.Landing accident at Beaulieu
02-08-44Maurauder burnt out pre take off  Beaulieu
05-08-4441-34865B-26C.453BS/323BG.landing accident at Beaulieu
06-08-4442-67324F-5B,13prs/7PRG cr Laverstock after engine failure
06-08-4441-31677B-26B.556BS/387BG.Accident(KTAC) at Stoney Cross
07-08-4442-107604B-26C.585BS/394BG.Accident(TOA) at Holmsley
09-08-4442-96052B-26B.397BG.Forced Landing at Hurn
12-08-44MM356Mosquito PRXVI 140Sq, Engine cut on take-off u/c raised to stop Farnborough. F/O Zygmunt Jasinski(pilot) &  P/O Jan Trznadel killed.
19-18-44HR194Mosquito FBVI 21SQ Hit hill descending in cloud Buriton Hants
22-08-4442-99360L-5.112Liason flt.Flew into hill  at Petersfield(KCRW)
23-08-4441-31944B-26B.456BS/323BG.Accident(LAC) at Beaulieu
23-08-44PF390Mosquito BXVI RAE,Engine cut on take-off stalled hit trees – crashed Farnborough
24-08-44EK439Typhoon  84GSU cr  near ODIHAM.
27-08-44NS841Mosquito FBVI 305Sq,Hit watch office on night take-off Lasham
27-08-44FX892Mustang 3  , 3TEU,Broke up  in air 5m NE of Andover
01-09-44DE420DH82A Dbr in forced landing Hants (?)
13-09-44NH491Spitfire IX,485 Sq, wheelsup ldg at Hamble(??date -photo shows snow on ground)
19-09-44HR194Mosquito  VI,21 Sq. returning from a night intruder mission to the Arnhem area hit hill descending in cloud Buriton Hampshire 19.09.44 2 crew killed
20-09-44LL256/T-SHalifax 298SQ.from Tarrant Rushton cr landing nr Middle Wallop 0253hrs.No casualties
24-09-44PZ302Mosquito FB.VI. 305 Sqn  Mid air with LR252 .both a/c cr nr Lasham
24-09-44LR262Mosquito FB.VI  – see above – both crews killed.. F/S Basil Hogg and Sgt A Tucknott, F/L Widawski  &Rev.; Tomasz Samulski
28-09-4441-6267P-47C 552FTS/495FTG  (KCR) Bricklin Fm nr Whitchurch
06-10-44EP233Spitfire,26 Sq,wheels up landing at Lee on Solent after engine failed on t/o.
09-09-44LR333Mosquito FBVI 487SQ,Engine cut overshot landing swung to avoid tractor and u/c collapsed Thorney Island
10-10-44NS882Mosquito VI.406Sq broke up and cr. Lower Pennington .2 RCAF crew killed
14-11-44DZ287Mosquito NF11 510OTU Engine cut on take-off hit gunpost Middle Wallop
15-10-44HR239Mosquito FBVI 107SQ, Hit trees in forced landing Bradshot Hall Hants
16-11-4442-94970B-24H,93BG,Accident at Blackbushe
17-12-44ML883Sunderland sank at moorings Calshot
17-12-44VT108Meteor F4 RAE ,cr on app  Farnborough
18-11-4442-99937B-24J 328BS/93BG Accident(TAC) at Blackbushe
18-11-44MM418Mosquito FBVI 487SQ  Swung in heavy landing and u/c collapsed Thorney Island
15-12-44RM855Spitfire 84GSU ,caught fire on start up  at Lasham.
??-??-44P-38  cr Forest rd ,Holmsley
23-12-4442-100856C-47A,94TCS/439TCG,accident(FLEF) at Chilbolton
25-12-4442-32873C-47A,32TCS/314TCG,accident(CRL) at Chilbolton
28-12-44FK191B-17E.RAE.Overshot landing at Gosport
02-01-45FR904Mustang III 84 GSU.Flew into ground near jcn of Gascoigne Lane and the A31, Ropley, Hants, in bad weather
03-01-45HB417Vengeance 667 Sq.RAF.After premature undercarriage retraction on take-off at  Gosport it sank back on to the runway on its belly. 
15-01-45EW887Hudson VI.Stalled on t/o Eastliegh- wrecked,
17-01-45HG287Warwick C3 ,damaged beyond repair when u/c collapsed at Holmsley South after overshooting landing
22-01-45FL462Fortress  from Thornaby,o/s and hit trees Gosport
04-02-45PZ452Mosquito FBVI  464SQ,Hit house descending through cloud on return from night intruder ops, Horndean Hants
05-02-45KG409Dakota  437Sq, flew inti trees nr  Alton
07-02-45HG229Warwick ,u/c collapsed after long landing at Holmsley South
07-02-45FD163Vengeance RAE Farnborough MoD(PE) Belly-landed on Farnborough’s runway
22-02-45HR205Mosquito FBVI 605SQ,Damaged by flak and bellylanded Blackbushe
27-02-45RS598Mosquito FBVI RAE,cr 1 mile W of Farnboro Engine failure on approach,Flt Lt M.J.M.Slater,Sgt G.W. Dixon,RAE Aero Flight killed after the engine cut on take-off.
13-03-45TB390Spitfire,84GSU,Engine failed cr nr Alton.
20-03-45NS806Mosquito PRXVI ,34Wg, Swung on landing and u/c collapsed Blackbushe
21-03-45EN668Spitfire,34 Wing,,landed at Blackbushe with tail wheel retracted.
21-04-45HB595Argus , 1 Ferry pool,RAF,Crashed and burnt out after moonlight take-off with petrol cocks only half open 0.75 mile W of Lasham airfield.
05-04-45TB366Spitfire,3501SU ,cr Farliegh  Wallop,engine failure.
05-04-4544-14147P51D 364FG,cr 3 miles W of Chilbolton
17-04-45MN230/40Landing accident LASHAM( Typhoon.)
21-04-45MK581Spitfire,84GSU,cr Wield after engine failure.
21-04-45HB595Argus 1,Ferry Pool, cr.75m W Lasham after t/o with fuel only partly turned on
25-04-45NS707Mosquito 492Sq(?)cr Winchfield.US Pilot.
03-05-4543-12417P-51B ,Accident at Stoney Cross
10-05-45BZ290Boston IIIA,Swung on landing Blackbushe – hit Wellington HZ760
13-05-45JM804Sea Otter 716SQ capsized on T/o 1.5 miles  S of LoS
18-05-45EE238mEteor F1 1335CU , hIt ground  during aerobatics Farnborough
19-05-45EP664Spitfire,3501SU Wheels up landing Odiham,engine failure.
23-05-45BM480Spitfire,41OTU ,Taxying accident Chilbolton.
30-05-45SW519Typhoon cr near Brockenhurst Parkhill Sawmills(Stubby copse),op by De haviland Propellors on test.Flt Lt W.G. Eagle DFC, de Havilland Propellers TP killed. Pilot G Eagle Killed. Read the report and see photos.
07-06-45MW166York C1 246Sq, Port u/c collapsed landing Holmsley
09-06-45NH840Spitfire FXIV(from Dunsfold)cr in field behind Wagon and Horses pub Walhampton . RCAF pilot killed.A/c had hit wire trailed by a  Hoverfly from Beaulieu
11-06-45KB454Mosquito 162 Sq, engine  failed- cr Coxmoor
16-06-4542-100571C-47A 436TCG.Hit trees during lowlevel flight nr Thruxton
16-06-45KB477Mosquito 162Sq, u/c collapsed  landing Blackbushe
11-07-45DK 381Firebrand 708Sq   u/c selected up instead of flaps – Gosport
15-07-4544-8866B-17G 367BS/306BG cr  landing Christchurch.
16-07-45MW176York C1  246SQ ,bellylanding nr Holmsley
24-07-45MW131York C1,246 Sq overran  landing at Holmsley- salvaged and used as 5559M.
25-07-45MN311/EL-NTyphoon  181SQ cr near Christchurch- overshot RW and ended up in Lymington Rd.
25-07-45TZ130Spitfire  453Sq,undershot at Lasham.
28-07-45RB176Spitfire,RAE,Swung on landing,tipped up at Farnborough.
01-08-45DK380Firebrand  708Sq  ground looped landing Gosport
03-08-45AG391Mustang 1  RAE, cr landing Farnborough
09-08-45NH840Spitfire  cr at Beaulieu after collision   with wire of banner  beingtowed by Hoverfly 1 KK978. Banner was advertising  a local Battle of Britain display
02-09-45MV993Goose Met Comms Flt capsized landing Calshot
07-09-45DK393Firebrand AAEE  o/shot and hit hedge at  Christchurch -overturned
10-09-45TE279Spitfire 667Sq,Wheels up landing at Gosport.
19-09-45HR194/Mosquito VI 21 Sq,crashed at Buriton,Petersfield between 2 &3am.2 killed.
01-10-45RF829Mosquito FBVI , RN,Lost wing pulling out of dive crashed 4m SW Nab Tower
04-10-45VM479FA223  crashed in hovering tests at AFEE Beaulieu(Local paper in 2005 states “Wreckage buried on site”)
05-10-45KG867Liberator GR.VI.311Sq. cr 2 m SW Blackbushe after engine fire .23 killed
11-10-45NF333Swordfish III.From Gosport ,cr in Solent after collision with Beaufighter.1k
24-10-45NX864Hamilcar, AFEE,  damaged by gale Beaulieu
08-11-45V3367       Oxford.cr at Clatford – ran out of fuel.Pilot was Lt Cdr Page Knight
09-11-45AM61Heinkel He162A.Operated by RAE Farnborough-pilot lost control during aerobatic display & crashed at Aldershot.PilotFlt Lt R.A. Marks AFM, killed
26-11-45MW778Tempest 54 Sq. cr nr Clatford Oakcuts ,pilot (F/O L Richardson)killed.
26-11-45MW811Tempest 54 Sq  Flew into ground Pitt Heath Hants ,Pilot W/O P cobb killed.
??-11-45AM24Arado Ar234B-2 W.Nr.140466 – coded 8H+HH of AufklGr.33 – crashed at Farnborough and scrapped November 1945
29-12-45MW134York  C1, 246Sq,cr Beehive Hill,Bashley after engine out overshoot at Holmsley. 1 killed.
??-01-46FW880Baltimore .Taxi accident at Eastliegh
02-01-46PM125Spitfire,26 Sq,cr Peterfield,engine failure.
12-01-46Tempest cr on landing Chilbolton
15-01-46G-AGLULancastrian,BOAC, ran of R/w , u/c collapsed.dbr.
18-01-46AM223Do-335(war prize) Fire in flight Farnborough.Cr on school buildings  at Cove ,Gp Cpt A.F. Hards DSO,  killed.
22-01-46NK738Anson I,799Sq, Mid-air collision with Dominie NR754 in circuit Lee-on-Solent
25-01-46NR754Dominie. see above
04-02-46RF288Lancaster  III RAE .hit RF268 at Farnborough
12-02-46JM770 SeaOtter SRTU – U/c collpsed on slipway Calshot
13-02-46VB886Sunderland cr in sea off Lee on Solent while reurning to Calshot after engine failure. 10 on board killed
09-03-46PN796Warwick 1. Mkrs/ASWDU Crashed on landing, Thorney Island
14-03-46KB534Mosquito 25 . 162SQ.  hit nissen hut taxying Blackbushe
03-04-46KP241Dakota IV 46SQ cr longbeech Enclosure  after single engine overshoot
04-04-46KA341Mosquito FB26 Engine cut on approach lost height on overshoot and bellylanded 4m NE of Eastleigh
05-04-4642-100740C-47A.516TCG,hit pole taxying Lee-on-Solent
25-04-46PP400Firefly FR1.816SQ, cr in sea on t/o Lee on Solent
10-05-46JM759Sea Otter .SRTU ,sank at moorings Calshot
10-05-46RG882Martinet TT1, 771 Sq,wheels up ldg Gosport after engine failure.
16-05-46MW772,MW816,MW812Tempests of 54Sq collided. MW816 landed OK ,others crashed.at Chilbolton
21-05-46TJ51043OTU engine failed on approach Lyndhurst Landing Ground (?)
23-05-46BB799Tiger Moth,RN,heavy landing  at Gosport
25-05-46NN313Seafire III ,AFEE,cr at Beaulieu during Air Display,S/Ldr RH Palmer killed.
04-06-46DE301Tiger Moth T2 727Sq , u/c collapsed landing Gosport
14-06-46TB925Spitfire 164Sq,Overshot at Middle Wallop,
14-06-46TB926Spitfire,164Sq,Heavy landing Middle Wallop.
11-07-46MW818Tempest     54 Sq cr on landing ODIHAM
18-07-46NA168Halifax2 . ASWDU  , rolled of peritrack u/c collapsed  Thorney Is
15-08-46G-AGLUAvro Lancastrian,BOAC,damaged beyond repair when u/c collapsed on take off Hurn
15-08-46RD508Beaufighter X  254Sq.U/c collapsed on t/o Thorney Is
20-08-46MK666Spitfire,130Sq, cr Hussey Farm,Lower Froyle.
20-08-46HR359Mosquito FBVI 21SQ,U/c collapsed on landing Blackbushe
29-08-46TB548Spitfire,164Sq,tipped over on startup,Middle Wallop.
05-09-46SZ989Mosquito FBVI,107SQ,Ran off peritrack and u/c collapsed Blackbushe
07-09-46DJ679Anson 1  AFEE  dbr  during maintainence Beaulieu
09-09-46MW184York C1,246 Sq Holmsley South, .damaged beyond repair in collision with New Forest Pony at Holmsley South
09-09-46PM633Spitfire,FCCS, ground collision with Meteor EE486 at Odiham.
11-09-46NT306/DZ-DMosquito NF30 151sq. overshot ,hit hedge and crashed at Odiham
11-09-46RX292Seafire FIII.771Sq .crash landed Gosport
20-09-46MW184York C1,Hit pony when landing Holmsley South.w/o.
07-10-46KK974Hoverfly cr at Beaulieu
21-10-46TW570AOP6   hit telegraph wires 4 miles W of Winchester
05-11-46RD435Beaufighter X, 42 Sq, cr after o/s at Thorney Is.
06-12-46TE398Spitfire,63Sq,w/o in collision at Middle Wallop
16-01-47JN130Sea Otter,   groud collision  – hit by Seafire PR402 at Gosport
17-02-47RD687Beaufighter  TF10 42Sq.Belly ldg Thorney Is.
27-02-47TJ512AOP5  43 OTU ,cr landing in field  in “Hampshire”
13-03-47G-AHRADove, BOAC,lost in low cloud and cr Chewton Common ,Highcliffe.3 killed. A detailed account of the crash  was in the  local press  and can viewed on Roy Hodges’  Christchurch history website.
24-03-47TB520Spitfire,691Sq,ran into soft ground ,tipped up,Middle Wallop.
25-03-47TP349Spitfire,FCCRS, collision at Middle Wallop.
18-04-47SW291Lancaster GR3 ASWDU .Caught Fire ldg Thorney Island
06-05-47TW501Auster AOP5 227OCU .Cr  Andover ( Night landing)
25-06-47EK785Firebrand TF.V cr  during air display, Manor Way  Lee-o-Solent
14-07-47TJ313Auster AOP5 227 OCU cr nr Winchester following practice fcd ldg
15-08-48G-ABEHDH80,cr Thruxton. dbr.
30-08-47MB700Firefly FR1  799SQ hit tree in forced landing 1 m south of Hamble airfield
17-09-47TP454Spitfire FR18 FCCRS .cr in sea off Bournemouth
05-10-47SL571SpitfireLF16,501Sq,u/c collapsed landing Middle Wallop.
27-10-47T7610T7610.Tiger Moth II.727 Sq.RN.Gosport, Swung on TO,became airborne then crash landed on wing and nose
26-11-47G-AHVZTiger Moth.cr Hamble
19-11-47G-AGHWSunderland 3 BOAC,cr nr Newport in bad visibility while on positioning flight Hythe – Poole.One Killed ,2 Injured
12-12-47LA489Seafire F45   771Sq, cr off Calshot, Port wingtip hit water on turn in formation and aircraft broke in two
29-12-47TG426VampireF1 .RAE.DBR in flexible deck landing test Farnborough
04-02-48VB857Sea Fury F.X .RAE. At Farnborough, Stalled landing, tyre burst,
23-01-48KN849Hoverfly 2  657SQ fell of trestle in hangar  Andover port undercarriage collapsed, swung on to grass
12-02-48TS507GAL 56/01 Test flight ex Lasham.Tailless Glider stalled and cr Lower Froyle,Alton,Hants.Sqn Ldr R.S. Kronfeld AFC, General Aircraft CTP killed
21-02-48SL553Spitfire LF16 501 Sq missing in a snowstorm over Solent.
15-04-48RK556Barracuda TR5 783Sq,cr during Emerg.Ldg at Lee on  Solent
19-02-48TG312Vampire.11Sq, damaged when u/c retracted on ground Odiham
29-04-48VT108Meteor F. 4  RAE cr on landing Farnboro- out of fuel
17-05-48G-AGHXSunderland.Damaged docking  at Southampton .Not repaired.
01-06-48RW374Spitfire,604Sq ,ground collision with TE439 at Thorney Island.
15-08-48G-ABEHDH80A  dbr Thruxton
30-08-48KL103Hoverfly I ,cr Hatchett Moor(Beaulieu)
08-10-48VP342Mosquito T3  ETPS cr on O/S Farnborough
22-11-48G-AHJWLancastrian 3,Flight Refuelling,cr at Conholt Park, Thruxton, in fog 17:08hrs.Probable cause:accidental use of faulty homing equipment.
09-12-48PF610Mosquito BXVI 27MU,Skidded on landing swung to avoid overshootand u/c collapsed Andover 3 crew + 4 returning night crew killed,1 crew survivor.
06-01-49MG564Anson 1,14RFS,Flew into gnd & cr nr Hamble
15-02-49VT865Vampire F3 72SQ,Dived into ground out of cloud Winchfield Hants
19-04-49RA452Meteor F.IV,FCCS,Fcd ldg Windmil Hill Camp,Ludgershall.
22-04-49VT233MeteorF4,CFE/22Sq. cr in sea off Thorney Is.
03-06-49VM383Anson C.19 .RAF Fery Pool ,Skidded thru fence on landing Portsmouth onto railway.burnt out.
18-06-49LA323Spitfire,600Sq,Stalled landing Thorney Island.
30-06-49VW240SEa Fury FB11,703Sq , at Lee-on-Solent, Suspected fire shortly after take-off; switched off on final approach, stalled at 50ft executing steep turn
13-07-49RA481Meteor F.IV,222SQ,Stalled on app & undershot at Thorney Is, no cas .
16-07-49RD879Sea Otter ASR2,781SQ,cr nr Lee-on-Solent, Engine cut shortly after take-off, no time to retract undercarriage, landed in sea, nosed over, ultimately sank
12-08-49TG271SARO SR A/1 crashed off Cowes IoW.
02-09-49VS567Anson T21 17RFS  Undershot at Andover
02-09-49VT247Meteor F4  222Sq cr Emsworth after slow Roll.
18-09-49G-AIPXJ/1 Autocrat .cr on airfield -Christchurch
21-08-49G-ALMKSlingsby T7 cr at Odiham
30-09-49VX784Avro 707A Stalled and cr at Blackbushe(ex Farnborough) Sqn Ldr S.E. Esler DFC, Avro deputy CTP killed
20-10-49RG971Martinet TT1 771Sq  stalled during emergency ldg Lee on Solent
18-11-49LA456Seafire F45,771Sq. cr On public road at end of Runway 24, Lee-on-Solent, Approached too high and too fast, overshot into Stubbington Lane, Stubbington and overturned
21-12-49EE594Meteor FIV,Inst Avn Medicine, undershot Farnboro’,r/a as GI machine.
01-02-50G-AHIXSolent 2 ,Sank at Netley
03-02-50PP118Sunderland GR5,Sank at moorings Calshot after hatch left  unsecured. Destroyed by explosion during subsequent salvage operation.
13-03-50G-AKRDAmbassador prototype failed to gain height on take off from Hurn on one engine and crashed on the airfield. (Repaired.)
29-03-50VW277Meteor F4 56Sq flew into  mudflats at Thorney  Is.
01-05-50TG283DH108 cr Hartley Wintney cr during stall tests.Sqn Ldr G.E.C. Genders AFC DFM Killed
15-05-50N9179DH82A Spun on approach Middle Wallop
11-06-50PK322Spitfire,611Sq.collided with PK523(607Sq)during display practise, cr ÔøΩWoodleighÔøΩ, Aldershot Road, Fleet, R Aux AF  Pilot Peter Lothian killed  
13-06-50VZ724Cierva Air Horse cr West End Eastleigh. .Rotor  hub failed .Sdn Ldr H.A. Marsh AFC, Cierva CTP; Sqn Ldr F.J. Cable AFC, AFEE Beaulieu CTP (rotary wing); Mr H.J. Unsworth, Cierva FTO killed. demonstration for Argentine cadets, looped from flat low run and failed to pull out of resultant dive
16-09-50VZ828Vampire FB5 54SQ  cr on app Odiham – jammed throttle.
18-09-50RF534Lincoln B3.Control lost, Cr Winchester.2 killed
26-06-50G-ALUFSkeeter 2 ,destroyed on ground Eastliegh during tests,
13-07-50G-AGUAAmbassador prototype  undercarriage collapsed on landing at Hurn.
25-08-50RA484Meteor F.IV,A&AEE;,2 x eng failure-fcd ldg 8m NNE of Fareham.no cas.
14-09-50VZ710Sea Hornet F20 Failed to pull out of loop and dived into ground Lee-on-Solent
16-09-50VZ828Vampire FB5 Throttle jammed crashed on approach Odiham
18-09-50RF534Lincoln B3 cr Winchester- loss of control, Test flt ex Farnboro.Lt W.N. Plews RN; Flt Lt R.F. Smail killed.
10-10-50PX358Hornet F3 Hit ground recovering from dive and forcelanded Odiham
14-10-50EE290Meteor F3  500SQ  midair collision with EE283- cr nr Emsworth
31-10-50VS563Anson T21  2ANS, hit tree on app Thorney Island
13-11-50G-ALFRAmbassador.Damaged in heavy landing Christchurch
15-11-50RP314Wellington T10 2 ANS RAF Overshot while landing and force-landed on mudflats at Thorney Island.
16-01-51SZ565Sunderland V 235 OCU,crlanding off Hillhead
12-03-51RS707Mosquito B35 AIDU ,bellylanding Gosport
10-04-51G-ALEUHermes,MoS,Belly landing at Chilbolton when 3 engines failed.
24-04-51VP109Wyvern TF2 Mkrs/RAE FF 22.3.49; crashed into hangar, Farnborough
29-05-51RJ925Barracuda III.ATDU,Belly landed on runway after tyre burst on take-off Gosport
05-06-51VV657Vampire FB5 Engine cut bellylanded in field nr Odiham
25-06-51VZ961Dragonfly HR1  705SQ cr Fareham creek -tail failure
21-07-51TJ508Auster AOP5 ,AOP School.hit power cable Middle Wallop
20-09-51KF506Harvard T2B 781Sq  ground collision with Sea Fury VX299 at Lee -on-Solent
27-09-51NC720Wellington T10.2 ANS.RAF.Destroyed when a bomb exploded while being unloaded at Thorney Island
20-09-51KF506Harvard T2B,781SQ,ground collision with Sea Fury VX299, at Lee on Solent
19-10-516-5Sea Fury T50 Dutch Navy destroyed in forced landing at Binstead near Alton.
16-11-51SZ565Sunderland  cr on t/o Hillhead.
05-12-51VX310Sea Fury T20 781Sq, nr Lee-on-Solent, Force landed between row of houses starboard wing folded on take-off; swung and overturned .
04-01-52G-AGZSAvro 19 cr Bell Hill ,Petersfield ,4 Killed
12-01-52WB210Valiant     cr Harrow Farm Bransgore.copilot Sqn Ldr B.H.D. Foster DSO DFC killed.
22-01-52EK678Firebrand 813Sq U/c collapsed landing Lee-on-Solent
29-01-52EK831Firebrand  827SQ Belly landing Lee-on-Solent
31-01-52MB644Firefly FR1 771SQ  bounced and stalled – cr Lee on Solent
05-02-52WA485Attacker F1.MOD(PE)Dived into peat bog while in circuit at 1,000 ft and completely submerged Leckford, S of Andover
14-02-52EK662Firebrand TF5 813Sq ditched 80 yds of Browndown Camp- engine failure
18-02-52(?)PG296Wellington T10 .2 ANS  RAF Belly-landed at Thorney Island after engine failure while on approach.
12-03-52VV910Anson T21,2ANS,cr  nr Fawley  after ailerons jammed- crew bailed out
19-03-52N9301Tiger Moth  T2 . 14RFS, fcd ldg  Broom Farm  nr Hamble – nosed over.
31-03-52EE597Meteor  FIV,RAE, Belley landing Odiham
10-04-52WA635Meteor  T7 IAM, stalled & cr on app Farnboro’
18-04-52NA967Wellington T10 .2ANS. o/s landing Thorney Island .
18-04-52PG296Wellington T10 .2ANS.  bellylanding Thorney Island.
23-04-52JN202Sea Otter ASR1,781SQ cr just off coast nr Lee-on-Solent, Sank after
08-05-52RH773BrigandTF1 .ATDU.  cr on take off Gosport-Engine cut on take-off; undercarriage retracted to stop starboard float tore off landing .
03-06-52WH892Meteor F8 54SQ  .undershot at Odiham
04-06-52WK673Meteor F8 ,54 SQ, Damaged in accident at Odiham -hit pillbox.
20-06-52RJ762Barracuda TBR3 750Sq, Ditched after engine failure 1m off Christchurch
04-07-52EK627Firebrand, overan hit fence  Lee-on-Solent
21-07-52NA868Wellington T10 2ANS.  cr at Emsworth afterstalling on app to Thornrey Island
28-07-52WK647Meteor F8  54Sq , cr at Hook. PO M G Duke killed.
01-08-52WK671Meteor F8, 247SQ, damaged in landing accident at Odiham
07-08-52WE947Meteor F8,1 Sq Tangmere cr  at Rowlands Castle nr Horndean P/O P A Smith killed in crash.
19-08-52VL266Valetta C1 ETPS.B/u in air & Cr nr Hook railway station .Flt Lt L.H Wilkinson; Flt Lt M. Marcovitch RAAFkilled
20-08-52PG136Wellington T10.2 ANS.RAF.The undercarriage retracted after landing at Thorney Island
20-06-52RJ762Barracuda III,750Sq, cr in sea off Christchurch
27-08-52WK376Sea Venom NF20 Mod(PE)cr at Frimley Green, 3m ESE of Farnborough, After catapult launch, partly broke up in air on run over airfield; exploded on impact
06-09-52WG236DH110 cr at SBAC show Farnborough  killing crew(2)  + many ground casualties.(29)
12-10-52WJ361Auster AOP6  ,Lt A/c school. cr 6.5m S of M Wallop after practice fcd ldg
31-10-52EK634Firebrand TF5 827 Sq accident at Lee-on-Solent
31-10-52EK628Firebrand  TF5 827SQ , w/o Lee-on-Solent
25-11-52EK736Firebrand TF5,813SQ, gnd collision with EK636 at Lee-on-Solent
22-12-52WK651Meteor F8 54 SQ. Undershot and cr at Odiham,PO R G Rafferty injured
28-01-53G-AGKYSunderland ,BOAC, Capsized and sank during t/o attempt  in Southampton Water. 5 crew and 26 pax all rescued
18-02-53TW253Sea Mosquito TR33, Airwork FRU.Port engine failed during formation take-off at Hurn
03-03-53X7482Dominie 782SQ over ran landing Lee on Solent
13-03-51VV900Anson T1 2ANS cr short of RW at Thorney Is.dbr
01-04-53VW893Athena.ETPS,Cr near Chilbolton.
01-04-53WA233Vampirwe FB5 20 Sq,  bellylndg  at Odiham due fire.
10-04-53WT926Sycamore HC11 657SQ overturned on T/O Middle Wallop
??-04-53TW256Sea Mosquito TR33,Airwork FRU,Engine failed on take-off at Hurn;undercarriage collapsed
28-04-53WF112Skeeter cr Eastliegh
06-06-53G-AKZZDH82A  Crashed into sea off Bournemouth
13-06-53WK373Firefly T7   719 Sq cr Ashley- stuck Throttle
08-07-53PH808Anson C21,CCCF , O/S landing  Hamble
11-07-53G-ADGXDH82A ,Cr Thruxton.
15-07-53G-AHUODH82A  Crashed Eastleigh
22-07-53G-AKHEGemini.Crashed  Hillsea  after t/o from Portsmouth …3 o/b injured
23-07-53TJ324Auster AOP5 , LAS , hit by Balliol  WG180 while taxying Middle Wallop
11-08-53TW572Auster AOP6  LAS , overturned landing Middle Wallop
16-08-53VZ529Meteor F8 74SQ, damaged in T/O accident Odiham.
08-09-53VL963Sycamore 1 cr – aborted take off Farnborouigh.Pilot Flt Lt J.K. Hough AFC killed
08-10-53RH772Brigand ,ATDU Gosport.Wheels up landing Gosport.W/o and reduced to spares.
23-10-53Sea Hornet Groundlooped on landing Gosport- No casualties.
10-11-53WJ965Swift 1,A&AEE; Stalled  & Cr Breamore Down due engine failure.Pilot killed
05-12-53XB318Avenger TBM3E,824Sq, ditched on mudflats   nr Lymington.
21-12-53VZ751Wyvwern S4  813 Sq  cr into hilside Stroud Hants
26-01-54WK578Chipmunk T10 London UAS overturned fcd ldg  2M ne Andover
17-02-54128353P2V-5 Neptune.USN,overran r/w and burnt out,Blackbushe
24-02-54WG705Dragonfly HR3  705Sq  Rotor fell of in flight  Gosport
12-04-54WF428Varsity T1,2ANS, dbr- undershot  on S/E approach Thorney Is..w/off
11-05-54WM522Sea Venom(890Sqn) take off abandoned  Hurn-went thru fence . motor cyclist on road by airfield killed.W/O,SOC  5-7-54
10-06-54XB475Hiller HT1   705 Sq, cr nr Gosport airfield
18-06-54WG149Balliol  288SQ  cr 1.5 miles N ibsley
22-06-54VX818Sea Fury T20 ETPS, Engine cut; force landed in tank testing area 1m W of Farnborough ; broke up Sqn Ldr D.J. Murphy DFC, ETPS TP killed
12-07-54G-AFBCVega Gull,cr 1727 GMT  1/4 mile from Eastleigh Airport, engine failed on T/O 3 on board killed.
15-08-54G-AIXSViking,Airwork ,stalled on emergency landing ,crashed and burned at Blackbushe  37 o/b killed.
04-10-54PK284Oxford T1 LAS,  fcd ldg 1 m W of Middle  Wallop – engine  failed .
15-10-54VX676Sea Fury FB11 ,801Sq , at Beaulieu, Engine cut; undershot forced landing
18-10-54TW593AOP6 ,accident Middle Wallop
05-11-54WE561Auster T7 LAS,cr Micheldever after failed to get airborne.
28-11-54VZ177Vampire FB5 501sq.Collided with WE836 and pilot thrown out of aircraft nr Hamble
29-12-54642(Danish)KZ10.RAE,cr Farnborough after disintegrating.Pilot Flt Lt A.L.B. Faucett, Killed
25-01-55WS670Meteor NF12 46Sq. u/c collapsed landing Odiham
25-01-55WS835Meteor NF14 46SQ .  abandoned after out of fuel- cr  nr Kingsley Green Hants
11-03-55WV698Pembroke C1,ETPS,cr near Andover after fire.3 killed.
24-04-55G-AHWBDH82A Crashed nr Winchester
02-05-55WW640Hunter F1  54SQ , caught fire starting up at Odiham
25-05-55XB523Hiller HTE2 ,cr Gosport.
21-06-55G-AIXLDH82A  Dbr Portsmouth
07-07-55WT762Hunter F4  247 SQ cr near Fleet between Dinorben Avenue and the Basingstoke canal. Cause  -engine failure,pilot killed.
11-07-55WJ904Varsity T1 2ANS, cr near Emsworth,Accidently feathered Prop, No casualties
18-07-55WT628/26Hunter F1 ETPS, engine failed on app Farnborough cr Southwood Fm, Cove
23-07-55G-AKSKDove 1B ,Cambrian AW,cr nr Fritham while e/rte Bristol to Eastleigh, Pilot Capt R J Carson killed but 6 pax survived. Cause- engine failure.
06-08-55G-AHIGAvro 19,cr in sea off Calshot.
06-08-55WT562Hunter F1  HSA Ltd – overran in emerg Ldg at Thorney Island.w/o
22-08-55XB303Avenger.FAA, ditched  off Lee-on-Solent
06-09-55WZ852Chipmunk T10 .LAS.eng failed after practice  cut-  crashlanded  Middle Wallop
26-09-55G-39-1Fo139 Midge cr on take off at Chilbolton. Swiss AF pilot killed
01-10-55XJ434Whirlwind HAR2  2Sq  ditched Thorney Channel  following engine failure
03-10-55G-AOFKHiller U12B    ,cr at Hamble.
05-10-55WV551Provost T1,MOD/ETPS cr Farnborough
05-12-55VZ791Wyvern S.4, 830 Sq,rashed near Worthy Down, Winchester, due to engine flameout. Pilot, Lt. JP Smith, ejected safely.
09-01-56XA254/LMarathon  T1 ,2ANS,overshot and ran into harbour Thorney Island
10-01-56XB518Hiller HT1,705NAS  Cr Gosport,pilot error
15-01-56WV328Hunter F4 247SQ, caught fire on start  Odiham
20-01-56G-AMOMViscount V701,BEA.cr on take off Blackbushe after simulated engine failure. 5 injured
25-01-56WV328Hunter F4  ,247Sq ,burnt out at Odiham, starter cartdridge failed
16-03-56WF388/RVarsity T1 ,2ANS, U/shot landing at Thorney Island  and  lost wheels
29-03-56G-ACCBFox Moth, cr on T/O Thruxton .repaired.
06-04-56VX936Auster T7 .LAS.Bounced on landing and overturned Middle Wallop
11-04-56WM706/KVampire NF10 cr at Thorney Island  .
30-04-56XJ395Whirlwind HAR3,A&AEE;,Broke up in air 2m NE of Lyndhurst .Mr J.W.Lowman;Mr M.Booth;Miss G.M.Warman,all A&AEE; FTO killed
01-05-56XE671/KHunter F4 54Sq,cr 2 m E of Odiham – engine failure
07-05-56RA673Lincoln B2.4a BCBS, hit sea wall cr on RW Thorney Island
18-05-56WE544Auster T7. LAS.Nosed over avoiding collision on ground  Middle Wallop
24-05-56WE615Auster T7 cr  landing at Middle Wallop
12-06-56XA570/BJavelin FAW1  46 sq,cr on approach Odiham
18-06-68XS412Whirlwind HAR10  230SQ forced landing 4 m sw Basingstoke
25-06-56XD909Swift FR5,cr Chilbolton after engine failure.
31-07-56G-39-2Gnat ,tailplane failed , cr nr Shipton Bellinger.
20-08-56WG457Chipmunk T10 MCCS, stalled & cr Hurstbourne
25-09-56VX790Avro 707B Bounced on landing Farnborough, destroyed
04-10-56WK874Meteor F8  247SQ, u/c retracted after ldg.Fuel tank caught fire.
11-10-56WG353Chipmunk T10,damaged beyond repair ,landing accident Hamble
22-10-56G-AMUEChipmunk 21,cr Middle Wallop after collision with Balliol  WG184
22-10-56WG184Balliol T2 228 OCU,cr 2m E of Middle Wallop, Collided with civilian Chipmunk G-AMUE in circuit at night(G-AMUE?)
05-11-56G-ALDJHermes,Britavia, hit tree while landing Blackbushe.7 killed.Pilot fatigue.
05-12-56XE660Hunter 247SQ cr 2.5 miles  W of Alton 1 killed
01-02-57VZ525/NMeteor F8 .72SQ. crashed Thorney Island
26-02-57XK989Whirlwind HAR2.22 Sq RAF 1m off Thorney Island, Lost height during winching exercise and ditched
24-03-57G-AHZHDH82A cr Portsmouth
11-04-57WM706/KVampire NF10 .2ANS.Stalled on take-off and hit seawall,cr Thorney Island
23-04-57G-AMHPDH82A Crashed Thruxton
01-05-57G-AJBOViking,Eagle Aviation,cr on approach Blackbushe ,34 killed.
14-06-57G-AFBSHawk Trainer- cr on  landing at Blackbushe.
27-06-57WG961Meteor T7 cr Odiham
01-07-57WP966Chipmunk T10,LAS, cr on overshoot Middle Wallop
10-07-57XG548Sycamore HR14.JEHU.RAF.Middle Wallop, Rolled over after landing
15-07-57  WV221    Whirlwind HAS22,845SQ,Ditched nr Lee on Solent – engine failure.
19-07-57WD296Chipmunk T10  LAS, gnd collision with Bowser.Middle Wallop
19-07-5752-8673Vertol H-21B forced landing at Ganger Camp, Woodley Close Romsey. Bad visibilty, while e/r Greenham Common – Exeter.
26-07-57 TW739/057   Firefly TT4.FRU.cr  landing Hurn
??-07-57Sea Vixen – undercarriage retracted on landing at Christchurch flew into tree while force landing in rain
29-07-57G-ANMPDH82A. Crashed into Langstone Harbour Portsmouth
09-08-57WF176/034Seahawk.FRU.cr landing Hurn
14-08-57WZ709AOP9  RAE,stalled on ldg Farnborough, nosed over.
06-09-57XB514/538Hiller HT1 705Sq Fcd ldg Warsash
10-09-57XK908Whirlwind HAS7,700SQ, collided with Hunter WP144/X , cr East Stratton.
10-09-57WP144/XHunter F5 34 Sq  see above
17-10-57WN141Balliol T2 .HCEU,cr 3m W of Basingstoke, Hants after forced landing, Engine failed;
01-11-57WF220/037Sea Hawk F1,FRU, damaged ldg accident Hurn
02-11-57WJ470/DValetta T3,2ANS.cr Thorney Island.
05-11-57XG582/717Whirlwind HAR3,701NAS, cr in Solent nr Calshot
07-11-57XA256Marathon 1  2ANS, U/c collapsed in hangar  Thorney Island
09-11-57XE588Hunter F6 , A&AEE;,cr Cuckoo Hill near Gorley Hampshire(n of  Ringwood.)
15-11-57G-AKNUSolent 3 ,Aquila AW ,destroyed in accident Shalcombe IOW
21-11-57 WF220         Seahawk.FRU.cr landing Hurn
24-11-57G-ANYXDH82A cr Thruxton
30-11-57XA273Marathon T1 1ANS, u/c collapsed ldg Thorney Is, DBR
21-01-58XG381Whirlwind HAR3  . cr Fraters yard, Gosport.
27-01-58WE547Auster T7 .AAC.Middle Wallop, Stalled on overshoot and cartwheeled
15-02-58G-AGAKHirtenberg HS9A  cr Petersfield
26-02-58XH714Javelin  FAW7,A&AEE;  cr Kingston – south of Ringwood.Nav killed
13-03-58XH682Sycamore Mk3 .ETPS,cr on take off Farnborough
18-03-58G-39-3/IE1059 Gnat F1 , Indian AF,cr at Chilbolton
20-04-58G-AIZAProctor ,cr short of runway Hurn due engine failure.
29-04-58G-APFXDH82A Crashed into Langstone Harbour Portsmouth
01-06-58WT986Skyraider AEW1.hARIU.  destroyed by fire Lee-on-Solent
06-06-58XG590Whirlwind HAS7 , A&AEE; engine failed cr landed 1m E of Cadnam
08-06-59WG217Balliol T2  SofFC, U/c collpsed landing Hurn
02-07-58WP911Chipmunk T10 Glasgow UAS – hit marker board ldg Thorney Island
25-07-58G-AMHITiger Moth  hit radio mast at HMS Mercury,Leydene House Petersfield whilst en route Isle of Wight to Denham.Passenger Brian Shersby killed.
31-07-58G-ADWOTiger Moth ,Christchurch Aero Club,Cr at Whitchurch(Hants)
25-08-58XG507Sycamore HR14 cr on take off Middle Wallop
01-09-58XF513Hunter F6 54Sq,written off at Odiham.
01-09-58XE462/R106Seahawk FGA6 800Sq ,cr Blackbushe.(800Sq Aerobatic Team)
22-09-58XL556Pioneer 230Sq , u/c collpsed Middle Wallop
12-10-58G-AHVYTiger Moth .cr on airfield at Christchurch, 2 on board killed.
20-10-58WD765  /5Meteor NF11 ,ETPS,cr near Basingstoke.Pilot killed
15-12-58WV202Whirlwind HAS22  cr at Farnborough during instrument trials.
24-12-58G-AOVDBritannia 312  BOAC cr at Winkton due altimeter misread.on approach to HURN.
08-06-59WG217Balliol T2 S of FC,RAF.Hurn, Undercarriage collapsed on landing
12-10-59XK490Buccaneer  – on trials with A&AEE-; cr near Lyndhurst, 2 killed. Read the report and see photos.
19-10-59WF381Varsity T1,ETPS, cr Havant – loss of control.Sqn Ldr N.G. Emslie, TP; Flt Lt V.A. Sawkins killed
20-10-59XK940BuccaneerS1, Stalled spun in from 10Kft   Mr William Lewis Alford (Pilot-NASA), Mr John G. Joyce (Blackburn FTO) killed
22-11-59G-AJEPAuster,swung on landing Christchurch and ran into a pile of logs,written off.
24-11-59WF984Devon  cr on take off Farnborough.
26-01-60WE591Auster T7,Intermediate Flight,Lost prop after take off Middle Wallop, Overturned on forced landing in ploughed field. Crew , Pilots S/Sgt “Hutch” Hutchings and S/Sgt “Red” Meaton both uninjured.
02-02-60WE562Auster T7,Intermediate Flight,Lost prop after take off Middle Wallop, Forced landing 1.5miles from Stockbridge,crew OK(pilot S/Sgt R.Meaton and Instructor Major M.E.G.Malet.)
26-04-60WN494Dragonfly HR5 RNAY cr nr Fleetlands
16-06-60XL772Skeeter AOP12.652 Sq.AAC.Middle Wallop, Rolled over on take-off
12-07-60WP895Chipmunk T10,damaged beyond repair in landing accident (at Hamble?)
06-08-60G-ALSHTiger Moth Stalled and cr Thruxton
18-08-60XB519Hiller HT1  RNAY Fleetlands .Ditched Fareham Creek
09-08-60XL557/VPioneer  CC1  cr landing at Odiham
07-09-60XH133Alouette AH2,AAC,Cyclic control jammed on take-off; rolled into ground Bulbarrow Hill
09-09-60G-ARCYAuster 6A stalled & cr Lasham
09-01-61WZ716AOp9 .AAC.cr on t/o from field nr Middle Wallop
23-04-61XN248T.31B Cadet  TX3 622GS  cr on take-off Christchurch. W/o  No Cas.
08-05-61G-46-2XROE-1 cr at Eastliegh.
19-05-61G-ARIXSCAN 30/1 destroyed in accident at Calshot
23-08-61G-ACEZDH82A cr Abbotts Ann.
30-08-61XG454Belvedere  BTU, u/c collapsed Farnboro
05-09-61WE545Auster T7 .AAC. Middle Wallop, Hit by WE549(landing) and DBR
05-09-61WE549Auster T7 see above
13-10-61XF940/25Hunter F4 ETPS cr at Twesledown Racecourse- fueo supply problems.Pilot ejected
11-01-62G-ALTPOxford  damaged beyond repair by engine fire Christchurch
17-02-62G-ARIOBH-1 Halcyon damaged beyond repair,taxi accident Eastliegh
07-03-62TG508Hastings C1.Crashed and caught fire landing Thorney Island.Written off.
22-05-62XL737Skeeter AOP12.AAC Centre.AAC.Middle Wallop, Caught fire after heavy landing
28-07-62G-AKGFTiger Moth  cr in field adjacent to Thruxton
19-08-62XN247T-31B 622GS cr on Christchurch Airfield
07-12-62TG610Hastings C1 242OCU,cr landing at Thorney Island, written off.
25-10-62WJ730Canberra  B2 Cr Farnboro – loss of control.Flt Lt D. Oldham, P; Flt Lt W.I.D. England, ETPS killed
01-04-63WJ994/19Canberra TT18, u/c collapsed lndg Farnboro’.
??-09-63XE334Seahawk FGA6,FRU , wheels up landing  at Hurn.
09-11-63G-AOJJDH82A stalled & cr Thruxton
01-01-64G-ARDXAuster 6A cr and burned on take off LASHAM
08-04-64G-APAIJackaroo.damaged beyond repair heavy landing Chilbolton
23-04-64G-AOIWJackaroo cr on landing Thruxton.
11-03-65WH231/8Meteor T7 ETPS  lost control,assymetric approach Farnbro’ cr at Cove
12-11-65XF459/030Sea Hawk FGA6 Airwork FRU, cr nr Hawley Lake (nr Cove) Hampshire
01-02-66XT187Sioux AH1 School of Army Avn.AAC cr near Stockbridge, Hants, Torque tube shaft broke during autorotative landing;
14-03-66XT128Sioux AH1 School of Army Avn AAC .Middle Wallop, Yawed while hovering, hit ground and rolled over.yawed and cartwheeled.
26-04-66G-AMTAAuster J/5F  damaged when overturned landing Christchurch, Pilot uninjured.
24-05-66XS563/759Wasp HAS1 RNAY Fleetlands (771 Sq)RN.ditched in the Channel off Fleetlands.
14-06-66XM832/056RWessex HAS1 815 Sq RN Ditched at the mouth of Beaulieu River Hants whilst en-route from Culdrose to Fleetlands.
04-07-66G-APKXHiller 12, SAA/AAC cr 4m S of Andover
11-07-66XT136Sioux AH1 ARWF.AAC.crashed at St Mary Rourne near Whitchurch Harts after engine failure
12-07-66WZ722Auster AOP9.38 Grp Comms Flt.stalled and crashed on take-off at Odiham.
01-08-66XJ759/4Whirlwind HAR2 ETPS MoD(PE) Struck the ground heavily during practice autorotatlon at Farnborough causing the rotors to strike the tail cone.
04-08-66G-ASVJHiller 12 SAA cr near Middle Wallop
25-11-66XP690Scout AH1,cr in river near Seven Stars pub,Fullerton(nr Andover).No cas.
07-12-66WZ864Chipmunk T10 ,Mid-air collision with G-ATEA, both cr nr Hamble
07-12-66G-ATEAChipmunk 22,. see above
10-01-67G-ASDHPa-23 Apache CAT Hamble, cr at Netley Hospital 10-01-67suffered an engine failure during assymetric training.
06-03-67XT147Sioux AH1(ARWF) cr Middle Wallop.
13-06-67WV792/035Sea Hawk FGA6. Airwork FRU- crash-landed at Hurn with the nosewheel jammed up. Not repaired and allocated for ground instructional use to Arbroath on 5.9.67 as A2559.
05-07-67XV269Beaver AL1(ARWF) cr middle Wallop
06-05-6856-4323CH-34A  of US Army cr Crawley nr Winchester e/r Southampton to Northolt.5 on board killed
15-08-67G-ATEH/G-ATEK Two HS748s of Channel AW both overran the  grass Runway at Portsmouth in very wet conditions.no casualties.
07-08-67XP460Whirlwind HAR10 230 Sq RAF RAF Odiham, Heavy power-off practice landing
09-08-67XR478/PWhirlwind HAR10 230SQ,cr near Basingstoke
18-06-68XS412/YXS412/Y Whirlwind HAR10 230 Sq RAF Engine cut & force-landed in a wood at Farleigh Wallop 4 miles SW of Basingatoke.
15-08-68WG483/IChipmunk T10 .AAc.written off 2 m WSW Middle Wallop
20-09-6843Atlantic,  Hit hangar while displaying at Farnborough Air Show.(Aeronavale) 5 crew + 1 on ground killed
29-01-69XT813/XSioux AH1 cr Middle Wallop.
03-04-69XT204/OSioux AH1 cr Middle Wallop
23-08-69XT509Sioux AH1(ARWF) collided with XW191 during display  at Christchuch Regatta
23-08-69XW191Sioux AH1 .see above.
28-08-69XT142Sioux AH1 (HQ Development Flight) cr at Clatford near Andover.)
27-02-70G-AVBDPa-28-180 .destroyed in Mid-air collision with G-AVBI over Bursledon,Pilot killed
27-02-70G-AVBIPa-28-180, see above,Pilot killed.
27-05-70XR526/AHWessex HC2 72 Sq RAF broke its back in heavy landing at Odiham.
06-07-70BGA753Slingsby T21B , dived into gnd on app Farnborough, Pilot killed.
11-09-70G-AXARWallis WA117, rotor hit tail rotor  during  manouvres, dived into gnd. Pilot JWC Judge killed.
12-11-70XR510/BZWessex HC2 collided with XT679 ,both cr at Odiham
12-11-70XT679/BUWessex HC2,see above
03-03-71XT443XT443.Wasp HAS1.RNAY Fleetlands RN.Crash-landed near Portchester while on a test flight from Fleetlands.
28-01-72D-ANEFViscount very heavy landing Hurn .damaged beyond repair.
01-11-72WV381/732Hunter GA11 .Ended up in the sea after an aborted take off due to instrument malfunction at Lee-on-Solent
01-09-72Glider RAFGSA ,cr on married quarters Odiham, pilot killed
01-09-72XT498Sioux AH1.,AAC Development Wg.AAC Crashed at Clatford near Andover.
??-09-72SE-XBZSaab 105XT, wheelsup landing at Franborough. little damaged
09-01-73XD219Scimitar F1 RAE Farnborough MoD(PE)Braking trials aircraft. non flyer with outer wings removed written-off after failing to engage the arrester gear at 100 kts.
07-08-73XW850Gazelle AH1  1Flt/AACC  cr Fordingbridge after stall
29-08-74XW838Lynx. MOD(PE). damaged heavy ldg Middle Wallop.SOC 20-8-78
01-09-74N671SAS-67 Blackhawk, lost control  in roll, hit gnd exploded,Co-pilot killed, pilot died a week later.
27-01-75XN311/812LSWhirlwind HAR9 LoS SAR Flt,W/o in forced Landing Peel Common nr LoS.
14-02-75XF274Meteor T7 of Institute of Aviation Medicine,cr on airfield at Farnborough during assymetric flight.
17-03-75XT225/RSouix AH1 ARWF/ AAC  hit hillside near Chilbolton.
03-12-75XW198/CZPuma  HC1  cr on RW at Odiham- repaired
15-04-75XT242Sioux AH1.Blue Eagles.AAC display team crashed in a field near Barton Stacey .
19-06-75XT164Sioux AH1.664 Sq AAC.Crashed near Hawley Common near Farnborough Hants after failure of the main rotor tie rod
03-12-75XW198/CZPuma HC1   240 OCU cr on runway after take off ODIHAM
04-06-75XV181C130K,242OCU,crashed on landing whilst performing asymetric landings. No casualties. Aircraft badly damaged. Aircraft was dismantled at Thorney and taken by road to Marshalls of Cambridge where it was rebuilt and returned to service circa. 1978.
04-01-77XX461Gazelle AH1 .AAC/GCF,cr  near Barton Stacey.
29-03-77WK515/GChipmunk T1 ,AFWF,cr near Winchester.
30-06-77XZ172Lynx AH1 damaged by fire at Middle Wallop.AAC.
11-10-78XW869/AGazelleAH1,ARWF, crashed on Stockbridge Common Down while on exercise. Caught fire, extinguished by  Stockbridge Fire service, Pilot suffered fractured ankle and a broken nose (details from Geoff Merritt).
12-05-79G-AXLHNipper  cr  into trees close to Hurn+A:I209
15-07-79G-OCPAPik20E hit by car towing glider at Lasham
24-07-79G-BGLPF152 forced landing at Holmsley South.Damaged when slid into ditch
19-08-79G-BGAACessna 152     Engine failure and forced landing Bishop Stoke sewerage Farm ,nr Eastliegh
05-09-79G-AYXVFA150L  struck power cables at Popham  – damaged beyond repair
01-11-79XP899/DScout AH1 ARWF cr after power loss,Middle Wallop.
17-11-79G-BFKOPa34-200T  Forced landing 3 Miles west of Fawley Refinery
11-10-78XW869/AGazelle AH1 ,ARWF,cr near Winchester.
14-01-80XP819Beaver AL1 ,AAC,cr in flames at A30/M3 intersection near Basingstoke,2 crew killed,
25-01-80Sea Heron C20 781Sq Suffered a nose undercarriage collapse on landing at Lee-on-Solent. Subsequently repaired.
04-04-80G-BFTOScorpion    cr near Popham – loss of control.
??/8/80Alderney Air Ferries Islander landed in a barley field near the site of the Bournemouth Hospital following fuel starvation.
08-09-80160784TF-18A USN,Cr on boundary of Middle Wallop airfield  whilst diverting to Boscombe Down.
04-05-81G=BHSDSF25E  damaged in heavy landing Lasham
30-05-81G-AERDP-3 Gull Six,cr on take off Thruxton
30-04-81G-AVBJPa28-180 destroyed in mid-air collision with G-AXZC over Warsash – Both pilots killed
30-04-81G-AXZCCherokee, see above.
16-06-81G-BHSDSf25b badly damaged in crash landing at Lasham
19-08-81G-BCYSPiper J3c ,dmaged beyond repair by gale at Hook
06-10-81G-AXKTWB-47G  destroyed after  collision with AAC Scout XP890/G(RCS) at Middle Wallop ‘KT landed on top of 890
30-10-81G-ATLRC F172G  stalled and cr at Walkeridge Farm
13-12-81G-ARCVC175  Damaged by gales Lasham.
19-01-82G-LONSF-280L  disintegrated after forced landing near West Dean
26-01-82G-ARRHC-175B cr in  sea off South Parade ,Southsea.
29-01-82G-OILST210L    Forced landing near Botley-short off fuel,written off.
24-02-82G-AWAEBaron , damaged in landing accident Hamble
17-03-82XE531Hunter Mk12,Engine failure on t/o Farnborough. Crashed on airfield
09-05-82G-BHFPPik20E. Damaged when engine failed on take off Lasham.
23-10-82G-MBWVChargus Titan cr near M3 Motorway after take off from Popham
18-12-83BGA1664Schleicher K7, insufficient height to return to Farnborough, cr  on house Blenheim Pk, North Camp, Pilot OK
26-12-82G-BBINEnstrom F28A  hit ground and overturned at New Arlesford
01-02-83XV272Beaver L1.BTF, cr nr Popham(heavy landing)
08-06-83G-BEAEPawnee 235,cr  on take off(from where?) at Havant
10-09-83G-BCLMMinicab  destroyed in crash Hurst Farm,Winchfield,naer Farnborough.
14-10-83WK613/PChipmunk T10.BFWF, cr landing Middle Wallop
23-10-83XZ313  /NGazelle AH1  AWRS cr on t/o Barton Stacey
13-11-83G-ETUPC F-150L. cr into viaduct on A27 near Fareham
02-03-84G-AJPZAuster J/1.Badly damaged-blown over in gales at Thruxton
15-5-84G-OFRLC414A badly damaged when cr following engine failure on take off,Hurn.
11-06-84G-BBXIHerald ,Air UK,damaged beyond repair by collision with Truck on ground Hurn.
12-08-84G-BISGFred  Forced landing near Lymington,badly damaged.
04-09-84C-GCTCBuffalo,destroyed by very heavy landing at Farnborough,on demo flight.
31-10-84XL584/877Hunter T8C FRADU cr in sea 5M S of Portsmouth Pilot Killed
14-11-84ZA676Chinook HC1 240OCU, rolled over lndg Bullington Cross
09-05-85G-AYARPa28-180   Over ran on landing Popham and hit tree
15-05-85G-KATYOptica ,cr and burned Ringwood.2 on board killed
23-06-85G-ATRGPa18-150 cr on take off while towing glider at Watership Down nr Kingsclere
28-09-85G-MMXXMicrolite,cr during display at school Fordingbridge.1 on ground killed.
23-04-86G-BMBXR22 Cr on take off Blackbushe,
08-06-86G-BBNYFRA150M, Overturned after u/c collapse landing Blackbushe
02-07-86G-ABOXSopwith Pup, tipped on nose  landing at Middle Wallop
10-09-86G-ASCJPA-24  damaged in wheels-up landing after power loss taking off at Hurn
11-09-86G-BFTECheetah. cr into building and burnt  Chandlers Ford
05-04-87G-BBZJPa34 .damaged  landing Blackbushe
26-04-87G-MOXYC441 cr on approach Blackbushe
31-05-87G-BAKPAztec damaged in landing accident Thruxton
05-07-87G-BMKSScamp overturned on landing  Hurn.
30-07-87G-BCRACessna F150M cr in wood when engine failed  on touch & go at Blackbushe
09-08-87G-BALEEnstrom F28A  destroyed when parachutist fell thru turning rotor at Thruxton
23-10-87XX457Gazelle AH1.AAC.Rotor hit ground Middle Wallop
23-01-88G-IFLIGrumman Cheetah ,overran at Blackbushe
24-06-88G-AYEYCessna F150K   overturned on emergency landing at Exbury.
12-07-88G-BHSFCheetah  cr  into car park  on landing at Blackbushe
23-07-88G-MUNEM20K cr Nutburn Rd N.Baddesle on app Eastleigh . 2 Killed.
14-08-88XZ319/SGazelle AH1 cr Middle Wallop after loss of hover control.
21-09-88G-OFASBeta   cr on take off Thruxton.
03-10-88G-BHJBA-152 cr landing at Thruxton
17-11-88G-BOYKBensen B8M  substantially damaged   Chilbolton
01-07-89G-MKVCSpitfire  cr and burnt out Blackbushe.engiine failure
24-07-89ZA678Chinook HC1 7sq  cr Odiham during hover check -gearbox failure
30-07-89G-AROMPiper Colt forcedlanding   Aldershot.
08-08-89G-AANFMoth ,forced landing nr Popham,burnt out in fire caused by exhaust igniting  straw in field.
23-08-89G-BFBVColibri,wing fell off in flight,cr Overton.
21-02-90G-MACHSF260.  Wheels up landing Southampton
18-04-90G-MWFRMicrolight      Take off accident Popham
03-05-90G-BDZCCessna F150M,engine failed on approach,cr into car park Blackbushe
04-05-90WP772/QChipmunk T10, BFWF,damaged hvy ldg Middle Wallop,not repaired
19-06-90G-PSVSBaron ,wheels-up landing Eastliegh
12-07-90G-BNSCCitation damaged in wheels-up landing Hurn
22-07-90G-OTSWPitts S1E damaged in ground collision withG-APLU Tiger Moth at Middle Wallop
22-07-90G-APLUTiger Moth,see above.
27-12-90G-ATPMC-150 cr nr Whitchurch due Fuel starvation .2 killed
15-10-91ZA675Chinook HC1. Night flying at Odiham – landed with generatpor fire- repaired.
16-02-92G-BKUTMS880B ,hit trees landing at Mays Coppice Farm ,Durrants,nr Rowlands Castle – It is thought there may have been a strip here at that time-can anyone confirm this? This has now been confirmed thanks to Shane Smith.
23-02-92G-JASMCr at Thruxton.
24-05-92G-BWGVSuper 2,hit by G-MVZD (Thruster300) at Popham when  ‘ZD  caught gust of wind.
02-08-92G-BMDBReplica SE-5A cr after take of  at airstrip at Lymington
31-08-92E-813Pampa Ia-63 cr at Hurn
19-05-93WG403/0Chipmunk T10 BFWF,gnd collision with WK620.
19-05-93WK620/TSee above.
26-05-93G-JETBC550-II left runway after landing at Eastliegh and ended up on motorway.
23-07-94BGA2450Grob Astir from Farnborough- mid-air with C152 G-BGXZ,Astir Pilot baled out. C152 returned to Blackbushe,a/c cr on  Farnboro’ airfield
11-11-94XZ310Gazelle AH1 670SQ,control lost in hover, cr, Middle Wallop.
11-08-95G-BAHNBaron 58  cr at Fyfield,Andover after take off from Thruxton,3 killed
15-08-95G-BRUGLuscombe L8E u/c collapsed ontake off Dudmoor Farm Christchurch
14-10-95G-BIUPNc854s a/c ran away after hand engine start at Popham
16-04-96G-MSTCAA5A  Forced landing near Walkeridge Farm Airstrip.2 on board,Pilot and passenger. The passenger walked into prop on leaving a/c and later died.
14-02-97XZ300Gazelle AH1,670SQ,cr on landing Middle Wallop, used  for G.I.
08-04-97G-ASVOHerald 214,Channel Express dbr when collided with  floodlight.Hurn.
09-03-98G-BUIWR-22  cr amport after take off from Thruxton
28-03-98G-BTDHProvost T1 fcd ldg nr Herriard
27-07-98VP-BPSCatalina cr on landing Southampton Water ,3 killed.
15-10-98G-BUTLPa-24-250.Wheels-up landing at Lasham.
07-11-98G-BTKGAvid Speedwing.U/c collapsed landing at Thruxton.
21-01-99G-BSHAPA-34-200T.U/c collapsed when a/c landed long  and ran off runway at Southampton
06-03-99G-BAILFR-172J.u/c collapsed and a/c overturned ,landing Farley Farm.
10-04-99G-BBEWPa-23-250.Landed at Upham Farm strip instead of Roughay Farm (half a mile to the west)undershot and u/c collapsed.
07-05-99G-BANKPA-34-200.Over ran runway and collided with fence  after landing in bad Wx at Blackbushe.
22-06-99G-BBKXPA-28-180 .U/c collapsed on landing Thruxton
22-06-99G-BIPVAA-5B.U/c collapsed following  very heavy landing at Bournemouth
30-06-99ZG994BN2A AL1,1  Flt, cr cr Lopcombe Corner,no cas,used for spares.
15-07-99G-APTPPA-22-150 .Failed to take off Roughay Farm,slight damage when ran off runway into crops.
22-07-99G-BXPLPA-28-140 .Undershot  landing at Bournemouth and landed in adjacent field- u/c collapsed.
31-07-99G-BUGHRans S-10. cr nr Fordingbridge -very heavy landing after engine failure
26-08-99G-TWINPA-44-180,u/c collapsed on landing at Bournemouth.
03-11-99G-ARLGAuster D4-180 cr on take of  at Scotland Farm strip,Hook.
18-12-99G-OSOWPa28-140 cr on take off Bournemouth 3 killed.
27-03-00G-RUSOR22   pilot lost control and cr at Thruxton
29-05-00G-AHMNTiger moth  cr on take off Middle Wallop
30-06-00G-TCMPR22 destroyed in pre-take off accident Thruxton.
30-06-00G-ATRGPA18 ,mid air collision with glider ,both damaged but landed OK at Lasham
13-07-00G-AXBHF172H ,heavy landing Popham
18-07-00G-SUKIPa38-112  Heavy landing Thruxton,repairable.
10-08-00G-BUZHStarlite SL1 cr during taxi trials at Farley Farm
22-08-00G-BIAXTaylor Titch,landing accident  Bourne Park Airfield.
24-09-00G-BYNZScout AH1 , cr at  Upper Chute, nr Andover,
02-10-00G-BMKKPa28r wheels-up landing Eastleigh.
04-11-00G-BWOVEnstrom F28a ,took off Bishops Waltham ,forced landing Waterlooville ,Engine failure
23-12-00VP-BBKBe200 cr into factory buildings at Blackbushe after take off.5 on board  killed
22-02-01XZ330Gazelle AH1,671Sq,badly damaged heavy landing Middle Wallop, Not repaired.
27-02-01G-BBTXC-23.damaged when undershot at Blackbushe
06-06-01G-BGTTC310R,damaged when u/c collapsed landing Hurn
19-06-01N294TCRC114TC,cr about 1 mile SE Southampton Airport after  loss of full power.2 on board killed.
22-07-01OY-DHVWA 40.Broke up in flight and cr nr Lichfield.Pilot
27-07-01G-ATUIB208C failed to take off at Popham,damaged.
02-09-01G-BEEWJT-1 Monoplane.cr nr Popham after take off
04-09-01 G-BWLF         C404. Nosegear collapsed landing Farnborough.
16-09-01G-BHOZTB-9,slightly damaged landing accident Thruxton
23-09-01G-BXTYPa-28 damaged landing accident at Hurn
11-11-01G-BJUDDR400/180R.Nosegear  collapsed  landing at Lasham.
07-02-02G-ATOECessna 150hit power lines nr Basingstoke e/r Popham,Pilot killed
11-03-02G-XXEZS-76C damaged in hard landing Blackbushe. no cas.
29-03-02G-BTGTStreak Shadow.U/c collapsed landing Walkeridge Farm.no casualties
29-06-02G-BUIJPa-28,landed 1 mile east of Blackbushe,minor damage
15-07-02G-BBHMS-61N .dbf at Royal Marine Barracks Poole following engine fire.
15-09-02RA44473Yak-52 ,landed with gear up,damaged,no casualties .
27-10-02D-EGEUPa22.Blown over in storm at Farley Mount strip
27-10-02D-EOLWMaule M4,as above
14-03-03RA44545Yak-18T,Pilot selected “Gear Up” after landing at Popham,slight damage.
05-05-03G-BWIARans S10 ,Landing accident Thruxton.No casualties.Aircraft slight  damage
20-06-03G-AXZOC-180,Struck electricity cables landing Roughay Farm, u/c collapsed
21-06-03G-JABAJabiru SK Forced landing after t/o Popham,overturned in field 200yds from airfield.Cause- partial loss of power
21-06-03G-MZMSRans S6-ES,cr on take off at Popham.
10-08-03G-BIVVAA-5A Damaged in heavy landing at Blackbushe
26-08-03G-LEEEJabiru UL-45O.damaged in forced landing  at Lockerley Farm,Romsey after engine failure.
04-09-03BGA4092Discus, collided with BGA 4338 over Lasham ,both a/c crashed,both pilots parachuted safely.No further details
04-09-03BGA4338ASW27,collided with BGA4092 over Lasham,both a/c crashed,both pilots parachuted safely.No further details
05-09-03G-BFIVF177RG,Wheels up landing at Blackbushe due u/c problems
03-03-04G-PWERA109E,cr  on approach 1 mile E of Bournemouth Airport .2 killed.
10-03-04G-CBBFB-76. skidded of RW landing  at Hurn.Minor damage
07-04-04N200PRPRM-1(RB79)Badly damaged in landing accident at Blackbushe.
26-04-04Midair collision  involving 2 gliders(SkylarkIV BGA1116 and Ventus CT BGA3259) from Lasham – both a/c cr nr Lasham- 1 pilot killed.
10-05-04BGA2191/CKA13.Very hard landing Lasham after simulated winch failure.
18-05-04G-BFNJPa28-161 .Skidded of runway at Lee-on-Solent. Minor damage
25-05-04G-ZODICH601UL. cr in field adjacent to runway after engine failed.Pilot injured . A/c badly damaged.
27-05-04G-BPINDG-400.badly damaged in forced landing 3 miles NW Lasham
14-06-04G-BVAAAvid Speedwing 4,cr into trees nr Headley following engine failure.
22-07-04BGA3574Grob 1034, mid air collision with Vega BGA2716/EJE -while landing at Lasham. Both aircraft continued and landed OK,Vega  repaired
22-07-04BGA2716/EJEVega – see above  Pilot OK. a/c probable write off.
28-08-04G-BOIUTB10. crashed on landing at Bournemouth/Hurn . 1 killed, 2 seriously injured .
30-11-04G-AVPSPa30, u/c collapsed landing Farley Farm
01-12-04G-HGPITB20, u/c collapsed landing Bournemouth
17-04-05G-BCGTPa28-140.Nose u/c collapsed landing Compton Abbas
07-05-05G-BPZPRobin CR400/180 stalled on app Lasham & cr..nocas
07-05-05G-BYDXAG-5B  Overran landing Farley Farm – hit Gate.
29-05-05G-CBFNRobin HR100/200B overran after brake failure at Blackbushe
16-07-05G-ERIWZ21 Flitzer.Lost control landing Popham .a/c turned over on back
06-08-05N6130XMaule M6- overran landing West Meon strip-finished  standing on nose in adjacent Lynch Lane – no casualties
07-08-05D-EKSIAerotowing, engine fire on t/o -over ran RW  at Lasham- destroyed
02-10-05G-TBEEBaker Banbi(Microlight) cr at Snooks Farm,South Baddesley.Owner and Passenger killed.
09-10-05G-BZJCThruster T600N cr on emergency ldg at Stokes bay Golf Course,Gosport.nocas.
02-12-05G-XCELAS355F Twin Squirrel cr nr Hurstbourne Tarrant.3 Casualties
31-01-06G-AVKDRF-4D Wheels up landing at Lasham – Pilot Error
12-05-06G-BPTEPa28-181.taxied into two(2) fire tenders at Blackbushe
07-06-06G-BNRKC152.Nosewheel disintegrated after heavy ldg at Blackbushe
12-07-06G-BNVEPa28-181,hit gate post at Lee on Solent .No casualties
22-07-06G-LENAYAK52 crashed beside runway at Hurn – 2 o/b killed
30-07-05G-ARCCPa-22-150,Stalled & Cr on take off at Popham
31-07-06G-LARARobin DR400/180.Hit fence landing Private Strip Hayling Island. No casualties
27-04-06G-SGENIkarus C42 FB80, damaged in heavy landing West Tisted strip
06-09-06G-BAKVPA18-150  cr beside RW after aborted go-around attempt Thruxton
07-09-06G-YAKIYak52 .Wheels up landing Popham .no casualties
13-10-06G-BUDIPulsar.nosewheel collapsed landing Popham .no Cas.
29-01-07CameronZ315 HAB.Hit tree during aborted landing Wivelrod nr Alton.Slight injuries to 1 passenger
16-03-07G-WOLVIkarus C42 FB100.Cr on Take off Lower Upham.no cas.
04-09-07G-IIYKYak50 .Ground accident at Lee-on-the-Solent.a/c moved fwd and hit bowser.Pilot distracted.
12-04-0821-YVDyn’Aero MCR-01(Microlight) cr in garden  at Highclere.Pilot injured.
20-04-08G-BFJJEvan Micro (reg/type unconfirmed) cr landed at Farley Mount
04-05-08G-KITEPa-28. overshot at Popham and cr. No casualties. w/o
10-05-08G-MYBARanws S6-ESD Coyote II  , cr on take off Chilbolton.
04-06-08G-CDVPEurostar EV97 hit power lines at Chilbolton  & cr. no casualties.
22-09-08G-BZYER22 Beta .damaged in heavy landing Blackbushe after engine problems.
27-09-08G-JABSJabiru UL-450 damaged when veered left landing Chilbolton.
17-10-08G-MYFZCyclone AX3/503 Stalled on landing Chilbolton,damaged.
28-02-09G-APRRAero 45 Cr on T/O Blackbushe.no casualties.
01-03-09G-AKTHJ-3C-65 Cub damaged  taxying at Lains Farm ,Thruxton.
21-03-09G-TSGJPa28-181, hit fence and undershot at Bourne park.damaged.
29-03-09G-BFPZF177RG , u/c collapsed landing Popham, no casualties
02-04-09G-TWNNBeech Duchess,U/c failure on landing  Hurn – no casualties.
10-04-09N2405YPiper PA-28-181, flew into high ground at Steep nr Petersfield, 2 killed.
16-04-09G-BODXBeech Duchess,U/c failure on landing  Hurn – no casualties,DBR.
26-04-09G-CFAIAutoGyro MT-03 cr on landing Popham
02-05-09G-CBIPThruster T600N,Damaged in heavy landing Popham.
11-06-09G-MULTB76 Duchess,u/c collapsed on touch & go  at Hurn..damaged.
14-06-09G-JONGRotorway Executive 162F, Rotor struck ground on forced landing 1.5 miles E of Bullington Cross, helicopter rolled onto side.
19-08-09G-BLTKRC112TC ,landed Blackbushe with nosewheel retracted.Damaged.
20-09-09G-BGEWNC854, cr  & burned Tangley, nr Andover, 2 o/b  killed in the accident.
10-10-09G-BLWVCessna F152 ,Forced landing  Hawley Lakes, damaged beyond repair.
17-04-10G-TOOTBambi.Cr  Monxton nr Andover , both occupants  killed.
01-05-10G-CWTDA22 Foxbay ,cr on landing Popham – no casualties
31-05-10G-CFSXICP MXP-740.stalled and overturned landing Old Idsworth Gardens , Idsworth.
04-06-10G-FIFOC152,damaged nosegear landing Popham
09-09-10G-ARHNPA-22, cr Woodlands Rd, Netley Marsh. 2 o/b injured.
23-04-11G-CGEWRotorsport Gyro Damaged during ground  instruction at Popham
03-09-11G-ONAFNAF N3N-3.Damaged in fcd ldg Tournebury FarM, Hayling Island
18-10-11G-CBHIEuropa, Wheels-up landing at Stonefield Park
05-01-12G-BUFNSlingsby T61F Blown over by high winds & badly   damaged Compton Abbas
15-09-12G-ARHNPa-22-150,cr at Blackwood after t/o Popham.2 injured.
22-09-12G-BHNLJodel D112,groundlooped landing Thorney Island  , extensive damage
24-07-12G-VYAKYak-18T, wheels-up landing at Popham, slight damage.


  • a/c Aircraft
  • BL Belly landing
  • BO Bale out
  • CR Crashed
  • CRL Crash landing
  • dbf Destroyed by fire
  • DF destroyed in fire
  • EF Engine Failure
  • e/r en-route
  • F Fire
  • FL Forced Landing
  • GAC Ground Accident
  • GL Ground looped
  • K Killed
  • ldg Landing
  • MAC Midair Collision
  • MF Mechanical Failure
  • oG Out of Gas
  • LAC Landing Accident
  • s/d Shot down
  • TOA Take Off Accidents
  • TAC Taxying accident
  • U/c undercarriage
  • w/o written off