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Bunker Hunting in the New Forest with Dan Snow

A few weeks ago, I teamed up with Dan Snow, the famous historian (who you might recognise from TV), to go hunting for hidden bunkers in the New Forest. Our aim was to see if we could uncover any evidence of the Auxiliary Units whose operational bases have remained closed for over 80 years.

Here’s a quick overview of what we got up to:

The Auxiliary Units were recruited by the government during wartime and trained to go underground should the German invasion have come. Once in their bunkers they would have waited for the invading army to pass, then emerge to commit assassinations and sabotage.

The patrol members were local men who signed the Official Secrets Act and took their stories to the grave… meaning it’s possible their underground hides still exist, undiscovered the New Forest.

The result of the adventure was a podcast for Dan Snow’s History Hit. You can listen to it on Apple, Spotify, and more on the following link:


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