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RAF Ibsley Bunker & Battlefield HQ Remains Explored

Over the summer we decided to find a World War 2 bunker hidden in woods near Ringwood in an area called Mockbegger… known as the RAF Ibsley bunker, or Battlefield HQ.

The bunker was said to be leftover remains from old WW2 airfield that Spitfires used to operate from. Whilst actually not on the old airfield itself, the bunker did used to overlook the RAF Ibsley site.

You can see us discovering and then exploring the RAF Ibsley Battlefield HQ bunker in the video below.

Getting there

To get to the site we had to park up near a church, walk about a one kilometre down a road, and then take a public path that cuts through two fields and a farmland up into the woods. Once you get to the woods, bear right and you will eventually be able to find the hidden underground bunker.

raf ibsley bunker
The bunker has a large entrance, which thankfully was unlocked when we visited.

It was a beautiful day and afterwards we stopped for a picnic near the site, next to a stream.

I have since heard from people who have visited saying the underground bunker is now locked, so we were lucky to access it when we did and have such a great day out exploring Hampshire’s WW2 heritage.

raf ibsley ww2 bunker
RAF Ibsley’s bunker is easy to get to as is in woods on a public right of way.

About RAF Ibsley

RAF Ibsley was a Second World War airfield situated 2 miles north of Ringwood in Hampshire. Built in 1940, the airfield was home to 46 fighter planes, including Spitfires.

The runways are now a series of gravel pits and large landscaped lakes known as Blashford Lakes, with just one derelict, control tower remaining today.

Hidden in woods overlooking Blashford Lakes is the abandoned bunker we found, which would have had excellent views across the whole of RAF Ibsley during the war.

raf ibsley battlefield headquarters
Inside RAF Ibsley’s battlefield headquarters you can see through the slit.

We didn’t have time to explore the whole RAF Ibsley site, so are planning on another trip soon to see what else we can find.

PS: You might also like this video and report where I found the remains of RAF Beaulieu’s own Battle HQ bunker.

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